Friday, January 9, 2009

The Truth Is Not In Them


Like the fisherman that came home "smelling of strong drink" in the old
ditty, "the truth is not in" the myriad scientists, politicians, and
bureaucrats running "endangered" species, animal rights and global warming
"stings" throughout the world. Each of these three fraudulent scams is
characterized by common elements.

First, they are presented as something heretofore ignored but of dire
consequence if not immediately confronted by emergency action.

Second, each is really only understood by "experts". Therefore, any
arguments about their validity or the only solutions put forth are dismissed
as ignorant, misguided scalawags in the pay of "big business" or the "rich".

Third, the answer to each of these scams is identical. "The" answer is
always composed of four elements:

A. New laws must be passed that limit the current and historic rights
and freedoms of citizens.

B. Government funding must be increased. This funding will go to hiring
more government employees, forming new government agencies, and making
"grants" to the "experts" and organizations that helped bureaucrats and
politicians obtain the popular support for the increased taxes and increased
governmental power with the reduction in individual rights hidden in "The
Answer" to the contrived "catastrophic" consequences of failing to act.

C. As "more is known" regulations will be increased based on the laws
originally passed. Interest group lawyers will make careers out of court
cases that accomplish what the originators swore would never happen and
simultaneously create precedents before "friendly courts" that are then used
by allied bureaucrats to further expand regulatory reach as well as
politicians that will sponsor "needed" changes to the law (most often while
they are running for reelection).

D. Finally, wherever advantageous, national and international
bureaucracies, courts, and precedents will be evoked. Federal law will be
used to trump State laws as European Union actions and UN Conventions and
Treaties will be coordinated and generated by wealthy activist organizations
to trump US laws.

Let's look at each of these scams ("endangered" species, animal "rights",
and global "warming") in the current news of the day.

Endangered "Species" conjurers have the longest track record of politicians
and bureaucrats robbing citizens of their rights using their own money
(taxes). It is "history" to recount how "species" became subspecies and
races and populations and distinct populations and distinct population
segments (think beluga whales only in Cook Inlet, Alaska). It is obvious to
the most casual observer how Constitutionally-guaranteed private property
rights were shredded and given to Federal bureaucrats along with a growing
list of Constitutionally-guaranteed State jurisdictions and
responsibilities; alas, the beat goes on.

The saga of the "listed/delisted", "benign/dangerous",
"destructive/beneficial" wolf has had enough lies and intrigue for the past
30 years to have supported a soap opera. While for the last two years I had
many folks ask me to help with court and agency appeals to "control" and
"manage" wolves within the bounds of the courts and the Endangered Species
Act (ESA), my belief has remained that there is no hope for justice or
common sense solutions under the ESA or when dealing with the US Fish and
Wildlife Service that is the government point (agency) for most of the ESA.
Today, as I write this amidst a bright sun on Minnesota snows, the paper
tells of how the cattlemen of northern and central Minnesota are being
harmed by the latest court ruling requested by environmental and animal
rights groups that puts wolves back under indefinite total protection.
Cattle are being killed and maimed and there is nothing that can be done
except to contact remote government agencies that always arrive later and
claim that the rancher can't verify the loss or identify that wolves did it.
Like their western rancher counterparts and western big game hunters,
Minnesotans are losing livestock and game animals in numbers far higher than
publicized but since it only affects a few citizens the majority of citizens
are either preoccupied with their day-today activities or with a contrived
vision of gamboling wild animals from some Disney movie they saw as a child

The ESA scam will only get worse unless it is drastically amended or (like
Prohibition) repealed altogether. As you gasp at this "radical" statement,
consider another item in the paper - "Diamonds proof of comet collision,
scientists say". According to the Journal of Science, a comet "hit North
America 13,000 years ago" and "Battered by fire and ice, as many as 35
species of mammals including American camels, mammoths, mastodons, the
short-faced bear, the giant beaver, the dire wolf and the American lion
either immediately vanished or were so depleted in numbers that humans
hunted them to extinction".

Now I won't be sarcastic and ask how you get along without dire wolves,
camels, and lions or question the gratuitous slap at "hunting" (weren't
"Native" Americans great conservationists?). Rather I would ask you to
consider how North America was evidently "different" after this comet
struck. Was it "better" or worse"? I submit that it was only "different":
yet in that difference I would venture to say that while men switched from
mastodon products to things like buffalo hides and elk meat, all but the
"young" men (the goofiest risk-takers in all societies) would have agreed
that not having to worry about "dire wolves" killing your daughter as she
drank from a stream or a lion crushing your baby before your eyes was an
improvement. Yet "experts" claim that wolves "belong" everywhere and that
loss of human life or pets or livestock are a small price to pay for
(WHAT??). Keep this in mind as "UN officials and environmental groups" call
today for restrictions on oceanic shipping and sonar use and seismic surveys
because whales, like wolves, are always "endangered". This is a lie. There
will never be enough wolves or whales and the "needed" proscriptions against
human activities will never end. The challenge is to live with the animals,
not to be displaced by them.

Speaking of "ANIMAL RIGHTS", the audacity of governments and interest groups
grows at a rapacious rate. The leftist President of Ecuador (a protégé of
our S. American nemesis President Chavez of Venezuela) has just signed off
on the "new" Constitution. Two passages are worthy of note as they indicate
what we only laugh about but what is a deadly serious threat to human life
and liberty. One passage reads "Nature is subject to those rights given by
this Constitution and Law"; it goes to say, "Nature or Pachamama (the
Goddess Earth) where life is reproduced and exists, has the right to exist,
persist, maintain, and regenerate its vital cycles, structures, functions,
and its processes in evolution." Note that the New York Times is "bemused"
and the Los Angeles Times is "intrigued" by this contradiction of social

Spanish Socialists that control Spain thanks to the Moslem terror bombing of
commuter trains (Spaniards mistakenly believe like Chamberlain that
temporary appeasement of despots and terrorists results in safety) are about
to grant heretofore human rights to chimpanzees and gorillas. - Note all
you folks that thought it "nice" or not relevant to you that these Spanish
Socialists all but eliminated bullfighting and gun ownership and therefore
hunting (both of which were popular traditions among Spaniards).
Cockfighting in the US is a similar family and community tradition going
back generations and centuries in this country and millennia in European and
Asian families and Federal bans and gun control in this country are meant to
be the same sort of expansion of government over private property and animal
use in this country. They are all intended to lead to the same end.

The European Court of Human Rights is considering an appeal out of Austria
(once a staunch center for hunters and hunting and fine guns) that has
refused to declare chimpanzees legal persons.

Setting aside all of the recent animal rights destabilization in the US of
late ("Puppy Protection", horse slaughter bans, double jeopardy utilizing
state and federal laws for the same offense, ammunition cost and performance
mandates, gun control, trapping restrictions, state agency redirections
using hunter and fishermen user fees, etc).; you can bet your bottom dollar
that the same organizations and the same lobbyists and the same lawyers are
advising and bribing the government officials in Ecuador, Spain, and the EU
Court that got Kenya to all but ban hunting and the UN and International
Whaling Commission to ban any whale management and whale use in Norwegian
and Icelandic waters to protect the salmon fisheries of those nations. HSUS
like Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund and The Nature Conservancy are
international and wealthy organizations with a long history of corrupt
influence of governments and they are bent on the destruction of most
everything we hold dear. Only when all of us (but the rich and powerful)
live in urban apartments and we each give a portion of our earnings (like
all the recent bailouts) to them through agencies that get a "nick" for
"administration" (meaning nothing) will they leave us alone.

All of the foregoing brings us to the greatest scam ever conjured up by any
medicine man that ever lived; Global Warming or as they are coming to call
"it" "Climate Change". Forget sunspots, forget cycles, forget ocean current
variability, forget historic swings from "Ice Ages" to "Dust Bowls"; think
only that we are "threatened" by weather change and only "experts" and
"government" can save us. If it is cold, that "proves" global warming is
real. If it is hot, that is incontrovertible proof of climate change. If
it is stormy, that is the result of global warming. If it does not storm,
that is proof that global warming is causing "extreme" variability. If it
rains it is global warming, if there is drought it is climate change. My
goodness, was there ever a generation in the history of the world that could
be duped by such sophistry?

The two current news items on this front are from two organizations that
stand to "get grants" when the US ratifies Kyoto and declares war on
"greenhouse gases" as both Presidential hopefuls planned to do. The first
one is two reports by "security analysts" and the Center for Strategic and
International Studies. They are a classic example of two things. The first
report is by "security analysts" who, like Chiefs of Police in large cities
that call for gun control, are always on the lookout for a scapegoat to
blame for all the problems they cannot or refuse to solve. Climate change
as a reason for wars, is like guns that "cause" crime: that is to say
somebody else's responsibility and something no one can refute although they
are not related. The other report is by the Center for Strategic and
International Studies. They are one of those anti-war groups that are
always on the lookout for some non-human cause for war. They are lending
support here and, no doubt hope to get in on the grant "booty" ("To Analyze
Weather Variability as a Cause for Global Gun Proliferation" or some such
nonsense) when the government climate change locomotive leaves the station.

The reports declare "starkly similar problems". We are to blame climate
change for "gunfire over land and natural resources as once-bountiful soil
turns to desert and coastlines slip below the sea" and "violent storms that
unsettle weak governments and set up dispirited radicals in revolt".

These "reports" are merely lurid speculation meant to advance hidden agendas
and to get in on a big government program believed to be around the corner.

One other recent "report" is a classic example of interest groups that help
government politicians and bureaucrats get large scams passed in return for
future financial and power largesse. Oceana is an "international
organization that calls for reducing pollution to save marine life and seeks
sharp reductions in carbon dioxide emissions". They "report" that "Corals.
Lobsters, clams and many other ocean creatures - including some at the
bottom of the food chain - may be unable to withstand the increasing acidity
of the oceans brought on by global-warming pollution". Oceana calls for "an
85% reduction of carbon dioxide by 2050". Finally, Oceana claims that
"Acidification creates other problems for corals: overfishing, pollution,
and warmer water causing bleaching".

Oceana no more knows about oceanic acidification or carbon effects than all
those shark "experts" that appear after every shark attack to tell us that
there have only been two shark attacks on humans in the past fifty years.
They are right up there with the bozos that tell us to "puff up" if a
grizzly comes at you or that tell us that polar bears are going to become
extinct because of what they "know" about sea ice 50 years from now. If
Paul Newman were still with us and if Robert Redford wasn't such an
ideologue on these matters, they could make a great "Bride of 'Sting'" movie
about these scams.

It is an admirable human trait that we are justly concerned about preserving
the plant and animal life forms. To do so in line with human hegemony over
plants and animals and the needs of human communities is laudable: to
equalize the status of plants and animals with humans is grotesque. To live
our lives in harmony with nature is proper and to manage the renewable
natural resources in our countries to also provide for future generations is
correct. To prefer plants and animals over the rights and needs of men
("Endangered" Species and animal "rights") is a perversion of human dignity
and human justice. To proclaim that government can "control" climate (my
preference is for no precipitation on weekends and only one season forever -
autumn so that the trees are always colorful and I can hunt every day) is
both preposterous and a disgusting attempt to subvert American liberty (and
the more limited freedoms of many other nations) to hasten the change of our
government into the despotic model we were formed to prevent. Silent
acquiescence to "experts" and bureaucrats while giving lip service to
politicians that promise us the moon is not cutting it. Don't be hesitant
to object to these dangerous threats to our welfare. The longer we wait,
the later it becomes.

Jim Beers

2 January

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