Friday, January 9, 2009

America Is Only As Strong....

"America Is Only As Strong......
As Its Weakest Links!"
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
© Copyright December 19, 2008 - All Rights Reserved

As a once-powerful, free country, we have grown individually and collectively weaker over time, by the mere fact of whom we have elected to lead us. From President Woodrow Wilson, Hoover, FDR, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Clinton, Bush and now Obama, we have elected Presidents that have violated their solemn oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. From these Presidents, whom most have appointed very liberal U. S. Supreme Court justices, we have lurched this nation radically left towards socialism and radical environmentalism, with almost every decision the court has rendered.

In the face of adversity (like the Great Depression) we have allowed our government to usurp greater power over us, by being our financial savior when times are tough. Each time we have allowed our government to save us from man-made or natural events, they have added more "strings" to which we must dance. To our discredit, we have been willing accomplices. As history repeats itself today, as our government tinkers with our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor and our very sovereignty, America teeters on the brink of extinction. Even though many of us object strenuousluy to government's actions, we seem powerless as Rome burns.

In each one of our perceived "hours" of need, when we started looking away from our own individual salvation, we turned our head to the easy path of government help and intervention. As we tasted the "sweet candy" of government largess, way too many Americans became addicted and lost their will and determination to be responsible for themselves and their loved ones. Once "hooked", we were lead down the path of all addicts that will go to any means to "feed" their addiction. "Any means" became voting for those politicians that would keep the "candy" flowing, that satisfied our addiction. Like most addicts, we didn't care who had to pay for the "candy".

But what has been lost in our headlong dash to addiction and social oblivion, is that the strength of America was in the strength of each individual, allowed to pursue their brand of happiness by whatever their capabilities allowed. Under freedom, that pursuit of happiness, or even wealth, allowed us to become the richest, productive and most generous nation on Earth. Each self-reliant and responsible individual was a strong link in the chain of liberty.

Now, the weakest links in the chain of liberty are not only a large percentage of the American people, but the politicians that this large percentage vote into office. We were and still are today, being seduced by the siren call of a free lunch that is not free. The weak links in the chain of liberty are growing each day that we allow the "addicts" and the politicians who feed the addict's "need", to continue their crime.

As in all addictions, the cure is difficult and very painful. The first and hardest step of all, is in realizing that you are addicted and that you desperately want to be weaned off of that addiction. The next step is to enter into a 12-step program that effectively alters the addictive mental pattern. As part of the 12-step program the addict requires a sponsor. Unfortunately, most Americans, addicted to government's "candy", make that fatal mistake and select the government as his or her sponsor; the same sponsor that is feeding their addiction. And the chain of liberty grows weaker.

As we have become addicted to government "candy", our brains have become muddled and clouded and we have difficulty in discerning fact from fiction and truth from fraud. In our "candy-induced" stupor we fall easy pray to propaganda, hype, lies and distortions offered up by our keepers. We become victims of this propaganda by feasting on the poisoned "dishes" they serve in the form of people-control through radical environmentalism, all dressed up as Motherhood, Apple Pie and Chevrolet. We buy into the falsehoods of man-caused global warming and the irrational foundation of saving endangered species at any cost, including the cost of our very freedom. We move together in a collective like fish in the sea, herded into huge balls by the hungry predators that gorge themselves on the "ball's" protein. Are we individuals in the pursuit of our own happiness, under the flag of freedom? Hardly!

As a well-known educator and philosopher once said: "You can't make socialists out of individualists." In contrast, Hitler said: "Let me control the textbooks and I will control the state." Vladimir Lenin said: "Give me your four-year-olds and in a generation, I will build a socialist state." The reality is that while parents watch in apathy, the American public education system is making socialists, not individualists out of their children. The words of Hitler and Lenin are slowly but surely becoming an irreversible reality in America. And the links in the chain of liberty grow weaker by the day.

When we, as a culture, abdicated our duty to be responsible for our own lives and we handed that duty over to government, in return, government slammed handcuffs on our wrists, chains on our ankles and a noose around our necks. In so doing, they didn't give our U. S. Constitution so much as a "by your leave". To break free from our self-induced servitude, will be a gut wrenching experience.

So how DO we repair the weak links in the chain of liberty? Although difficult, but not impossible, the strong links in the chain (conservatives) must forge a "bond" that bridge the weak (liberal) links. It is an axiom throughout civilized history, that the strong must always bear the weak on their backs. Just as it was from the revolution that America was born, and so it is today.

If American liberty and sovereignty are to be maintained, the strong links in that chain had better be totally committed to an all-out effort to forge strong bonds around the weak links. Yesterday was not too soon to begin that effort.

One of the ways to repair the weak links in the chain of liberty can be found in T-A-F-P.

Ron Ewart, President

P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA 98027

425 222-4742 or 1 800 682-7848

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