Thursday, January 29, 2009


By Jim Beers

WARNING: If you don't read all this immediately and agree with me, our economy will collapse and the "only" experts (for example, folks like me and Secretary of the Treasury Geithner) capable of "saving" us will not be able to exert the government power we are growing to protect you from any adverse circumstances far into the future.
The preceding warning is no sillier than the deadly "bread and circuses" activities worthy of the final days of Rome being conducted in Washington during this second week of the Obama Administration and its' Congress. The overwhelming confirmation of a Secretary of the Treasury that cheated on his taxes is a scandal. The all but unanimous confirmation of a Secretary of State whose spouse has collected and will continue to collect millions of dollars from Middle East tyrants among many other foreign governments while she serves is disgraceful. The new Attorney General with a long record of anti-2nd Amendment activities and a primary role in enabling the pardon of a rich fugitive tax cheat that gave donations to those that pardoned him
should concern all Americans worried about their Constitutional rights. An Attorney General that enables the rich and powerful to evade the consequences that apply to the rest of us (like US Senator Webb that took a loaded gun to the Senate Office Security check but wasn't prosecuted for "lack of evidence") should be a Minister to an all powerful King or autocrat, not a supreme prosecutor under an American President. Add into this mix a Governor, Commerce Department appointee that "resigned" even before confirmation and other appointees with histories of Socialist and Animal Rights radical activism and you have an emerging picture of a White House that does not engender confidence in a Republic. Additionally, the President has already expanded abortion funding to other countries (in the midst of our own economic crisis) in a closed signing somewhere in the bowels of The White House while the annual Right to Life Marchers blanket, but go unmentioned and ignored on, the National Mall in front of The White House. Simultaneously, the Congress has drafted an "Emergency Bailout" bill of enormous proportions and they and the President tell everyone that will listen that there is no time for debate and that questions only delay our rescue by government "experts". The President
tells Congressmen that they and the public should not listen (actually he said "we can't let them listen to") to talk radio hosts raising questions about this and other new proposals. This TRILLION dollar bill (I still cannot believe that number, not because it is so big but because it is such a large percentage of our GDP and our economy especially in these difficult economic times) is to be unexamined even though it is made up of Billions for "contraception" and Billions for crooked Community Development organizations like Acorn and Billions for works projects that will be done in two to four years (when the next two elections will take place and well beyond this "emergency time for intervention).
Abortion and Acorn funding are simply two examples of the major funding and
policy changes that are being put in place like global warming commitments and increased auto emission standards that will further decimate the American auto companies that we have just given Billions of dollars to "help". In a Congressional hearing about how to "direct" the "bailout funds" one Presidential adviser and the Committee Chairman openly said the funds should "NOT" go to "WHITE" contractors or skilled workers and then they discussed how to "cut the Governors and State Legislatures out of any authority for funds" spent in their states (shades of Putin eliminating the election of Governors with a snap of his fingers and then making them appointees appointed by him)! Billions have already disappeared to Lord
knows where under ex-TNC Executive and ex-Secretary of the Treasury Paulson and no positive effect is even claimed much less proved. The President and Congress should be run out of town for continuing to throw our good money after bad; for hiding all these socialist pipe dreams in this "emergency" legislation; and then for stifling all criticism. What is happening here is a harbinger of what gun owners and rural people of all stripes and animal owners and hunters and trappers and fishermen can look forward to over the next two to four years.
History is replete with dictatorships birthed in "emergencies" that disguised the opportunistic seizure of absolute power. From modern day Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, and Russia to the French Revolutionaries, Cromwell's England and the numerous rebellions and coups in civilizations like Rome and China, the use of an "emergency" justifies all manner of subservience and obedience to a government that takes what you have to "save you". Given the world economy today and the very real fear among people everywhere, the danger of taking America into a socialist state where the central government controls everyone and everything is very real.
The President and the Congress are truly dismissive of any honest requirements for who should be given authority or what they will do to opponents or for friends.
The reason for stating the obvious here is all the pandering by Congressional Republicans (the opposition?) over President Obama's conciliatory actions to "get them on board" the "stimulus" package of a Trillion or so dollars. In spite of the fact that it (the package) is more likely counterproductive, and in spite of the fact that when it fails there will be no one to blame if there was no opposition, and in spite of the fact that it is chock full of Billions and Billions of dollars of socialist programs that will alter this country dramatically; the news media and
Republicans talk about how wonderful it is to "meet with" and "speak to" the new President (while Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reed shut them out and write up more "earmarks" for the package). Question, what is the difference between "earmarks" and "pork" and "favors" (this latter is like Barney Frank, the Committee Chairman that used to fix parking tickets for his same sex live-in that moonlighted as a male prostitute on Capitol Hill during the day, directing "bailout" money to "one of the banks in his District")?
We are being distracted from what we should be watching with every fiber of our being. The President is playing us like a fiddle when he asks a same sex advocate Bishop and a Pastor that opposed same sex marriage to pray at his inauguration. It matters not who appears where, what matters is what the President does about same sex activity in the military and in our schools and in our governmental affairs. It doesn't matter that the new President says he won't "take away guns" (in spite of his record to the contrary and those that support him); what matters is what he does about guns and ammunition and licensing and court cases about these things. It
doesn't matter what the new President says about "the environment": what matters is what he does about cars and roads and public lands and foreign commitments about these things. It doesn't matter what the President says about religion or about "children"; what matters is what he does about aborting more and more children and shutting down Catholic hospitals and forcing repugnant and immoral obligations on Catholic doctors and nurses and others by forcing them to perform and assist in abortions. Lollygagging with star-struck Republicans may make for great theatre and print but like Dirty Harry's Supervisor's mouthwash in one of those movies, "it ain't cutting it".
The proof is in the pudding as any good chef and any reasonable diner can tell you. The pudding being served by this White House and this Congress not only stinks, it will make many sick and kill more than a few. Ironically, "the" answer to this crisis in the short-term is tax cuts to spur investments and innovation, redesign of environmental overkill laws and regulations, and a free market approach to prices. In the long run, the answer is freedom, strong families based on strong marriages, and children - lots of children. What we are pursuing is exactly the opposite thanks to the likes of Pelosi, Reed, Daschle, Biden, and President Obama. What will
go down the drain is more than anyone realizes since we are all thinking only about ourselves and increasingly we no longer share a common moral understanding or recognize a common truth regarding who we are and why we are here.
Jim Beers 28 January 2009

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