Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To: Weld County Commissioners re: Open Pit

Subject: Case # USR-1687; Name: Journey Ventures, LLC; Proposed Project; USR for open pit mining & materials processing & asphalt and concrete batch plants. Location: West of and adjacent to County road 51 and north of County road 58.
To: Weld County Department of Planning Services and County Commissioners.
We are opposed to this open pit operation because:
1. Possible pollution to South Platte River
2. Opening up the under ground aquifer to pollution and evaporation, therefore compromising our irrigation wells
3. Damage to our farming operatiopns
4. Damage to the wild game along South Platte River by drying up the sloughs
5. Disturbing a wet land area
6. There has been no environmental impact study done
7. The proposed site is zoned agriculture, not industrial. We respectfully request that you do not give this proposed mining operation the right to become operational.
Thank You.
Francis & Helen Puype, 24566 County Road 58, Greeley, CO. 80631
We sent this email to every county commissioner, we ask you if you could be of some assist to stopping the proposed project. Thank You. Francis & Helen Puype

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