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A Constitutional Republic - Can We Keep It?

"A Constitutional Republic - Can We Keep It?"
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
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When Ben Franklin exited the Constitutional Convention after its work was done, a woman asked him, "... Sir, what have you given us". Ben's response was, ".. a 'Republic' ma'am, if you can keep it." To the detriment of American freedom, Mr. Franklin's prophetic words have gone unheeded. We have not kept the Republic for which it stands. We have morphed into majority rule, a Democracy.

Earlier this year we uncovered legislation in Washington State that mandated the teaching of the U. S. and State Constitutions and the American form of government in various grades, from elementary through high school. In digging deeper we discovered that this law was not exclusive to Washington State, but was being mandated by legislation originated in 1994 by the U. S. Congress. We were aghast to learn that what they were teaching with their universal text books from this legislation, was not a Constitutional Republic, but a Constitutional Democracy. The differences are night and day.

The word "Democracy" does not appear anywhere in the Declaration of Independence, or the U. S. Constitution, or in any of the state constitutions. The Founders knew what a Democracy meant, which is majority rule, so they set up a Republic, which is government under the rule of law. The U. S. Constitution was to be and still is, the Supreme Law of the Land and it was to be and is the foundation of all law in America. That foundation was based on the unalienable rights of the individual and it was government's duty to preserve, protect and defend those rights.

But alas, as in all persons of power, there is an overwhelming urge to increase their power. The limitations of the U. S. Constitution were a definite impediment to an increase in power, so the politicians from President Wilson on up to and including our new president elect, started re-defining its phrases and meanings to their own ends and for their own gain. How best to circumvent the constitutional limitations than by convincing the people that government would provide for them in times of emergencies, like wars or the great depression, or like today's financial meltdown, caused by the very government that proposes to "fix" the problem, they themselves created. Meanwhile, the people, by in action, allowed history, once again, to repeat itself.

In furtherance of the destruction of the Supreme Law of the Land, politicians agreed to the appointments of liberal justices who would interpret the constitution, not as the Founders had created it, but by twisting the words in the Constitution to fit a particular social or radical environmental agenda. There is nothing in the Constitution that allowed the U. S. Supreme Court Justices to legalize abortion. The justices literally created a law out of whole cloth, without any constitutional justification whatsoever.

These same supreme court justices, over the last 80 to 100 years, have perverted the meanings of the first ten amendments, the foundation of our unalienable rights, thereby diluting those rights. Through environmental legislation passed by the U. S. Congress and sanctioned by the U. S. Supreme Court, laws, bearing absolutely no resemblance to constitutional authority, have been added to the law of the land such that property rights have been rendered virtually non-existent. Landowners have been relegated to unwilling serfs of an all-powerful, unrelenting government. Laws with a particular social agenda, have been created in much the same manner.

So no, we have not kept the Republic. The question is, is there sufficient will to restore our Republic without having to resort to the same means used to free the colonials of 1776?

Could the answer lay in the principles of T-A-F-P?

Ron Ewart, President

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