Tuesday, February 3, 2009


By Jim Beers

First a GW Update - 2 February 2009, London: "Snow brings Britain to a screeching halt." "A fierce winter snowstorm crippled London's roads, subways, and buses and all but shut down many parts of Britain on Monday." "Britain's worst snowstorm in 18 years", "3,000 schools across England and Wales were closed". "The (British) Automobile Association said drivers would be flirting with hypothermia". "Three people were killed by the cold and torrential rains in Italy". "Airports were closed or beset by delays." "The Federation of Small Businesses predicted the storm would cost the (British) economy several billion dollars."
Conclusion. If you believe in Global Warming as:
1. A manmade phenomenon due to "too many people living their lives" and too much "carbon dioxide" being generated by human activities,

2. Something that can be affected by reducing carbon dioxide.

3. Something that only would create harmful effects and not merely change things in both positive and negative ways.

4. An excuse to sign the US into the UN/Kyoto Protocols aimed at giving the US government a mandate to "control" and regulate every imaginable human activity from farming and energy production to transportation and where and how you can live.
(FYI, I don't believe any of the above.) Ask yourself if you believe that Britain wouldn't benefit from a warmer winter? If Britain increased its' "carbon footprint" by things like burning more fossil fuel or feeding beans to livestock (thereby increasing the pharting of methane that is eventually oxidized in the atmosphere, producing carbon dioxide and water) would that moderate the climate and warm the British Isles? I submit that weather is primarily the result of activity on the surface of the sun and such things as oceanic hydraulics and the assumption that we can affect it significantly on a global or long-term scale is the height of human hubris. I am confounded by the naiveté (or is it purposeful disingenuousness?) of the promise of the new President of the United States to disadvantage us in World Trade by signing the Kyoto "TREATY" (thereby trumping, per Article VI, the Constitution of the US that make such "TREATIES" "the supreme Law of the Land") to establish an all-powerful central government control of American Society to "to stop global warming". This proposed "Law of the Land" authority for the central government of the US over something like carbon dioxide is akin to Soviet occupational authority over Eastern Europe in 1946 or Rome's authority over Israel in 73 AD after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and the fall of Masada: that is to say absolute regarding everything. The fact that his newly appointed White House "Climate Czarina", Carol Browner, spent the last eight years actively incubating in Socialist International should alert all Americans to the magnitude of hidden agendas involved here that are NOT in our best interests.
Speaking of the new President, now beginning Week 3 of his Administration, the shape of the emerging White House staff should send chills down the spines of all Americans. Both because of the clear intent of this Administration to "run things" from a more powerful White House and the backgrounds of the appointees moving into these powerful position; an honest examination of the White House staff is of more than passing interest to all of us and not just political pundits. Keep in mind that I am ignoring the top Departmental appointees like the gun control/tax cheat pardon enabler that is now Attorney General or the tax cheat nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services (News alert! Daschle withdrew 2/3/09) that once led the fight against banning partial birth abortion or the tax cheat that is now Secretary of the Treasury. I am also ignoring the urban tax cheat US Representative that chairs the House Ways and Means Committee that writes tax legislation or the Chairman of the House Banking Committee that earmarks banks in his District in "Stimulus Legislation" and used to fix parking tickets on Capitol Hill for his
roommate that ran a male prostitution service out of his townhouse. They are both servants of and allies to The White House policies and programs planned for your future. While the ethical and historical records of these individuals are important, what I want to focus on is the emerging White House staff and the historical activism and agendas they represent. This as clear an indication that is available about what can be expected to from this dominant White House.
Regarding Gun Control it is sufficient to state that the new President and his Chief of Staff, former Chicago Congressman Rahm Emmanuel, have a long and unflinching record of gun control activism in Chicago, Illinois, and in the US Congress.
Regarding Animal "Rights", the newly appointed Director of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Cass Sunstein, is as extreme an animal "rights" radical as they come. Not only does he work to destroy the concept of animals as property, he opposes all manner of animal use from farming and hunting and fishing to eating animals or using their parts in any way. He is one of those that everyone smirks about when they hear about court cases or ads by PETA; don't smirk, he and they are deadly serious.
Regarding abortion, the government might just as well have paid the movers to move the Planned Parenthood and Emily's List head offices into the White House basement: abortion activists abound, to say the least.
- Melody Barnes, a former Planned Parenthood Board Member, left the very liberal Center for American Progress to be Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council.
-Ellen Moran, the Executive Director of Emily's List an abortion advocacy political action committee, will head the White House Communications Team.
-Jackie Norris, a former Planned Parenthood Board Member, will be the First lady's Chief of Staff.
- Although I promised to only mention White House staff, there is one other that begs for attention. NARAL's (the biggest feminist abortion lobby group) former Legal Director will be Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel.
These three things; gun control, animal "rights", and abortion are all I
(and your attention) have space for, but they are key to understanding what our future holds. You must take my word about the following. Over the past 15 years I have been up against the anti-natural resource management, anti-animal use, anti-property, anti-gun, anti-freedom, and anti-Constitutional groups. When you go to an Animal Rights Conference, not only are all the environmental extremist groups and animal rights radical groups represented, NARAL is actively engaged by loaning money and people to things like "The Great Ape Project" that is a succubus of the animal rights fringe to take a "great ape" into the "right" court at the "right" time to
get the "right" judge to affirm that Alfred the Ape or Ollie the Orangutan is entitled to "all the rights of any American citizen" (much like those terrorists at Guantanamo one must presume today). ALL of these groups support gun confiscation as a means to ally themselves with other socialist groups and as a means to eliminate hunting and animal control and rural lifestyles and the sort of free men envisioned by Our Founding Fathers.
So as they (the White House and their allies running Congress) attack a Constitutional Right, "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms", specifically guaranteed in the Constitution and specifically protected as to "not be infringed": what chance do you think we have regarding "certain unalienable Rights" "endowed by their Creator" "among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness" that are mentioned in The Declaration of Independence but are not held as binding in a court of US law? If you hunt, fish, farm, log, have a pet, ranch, trap, own guns, use guns, value your children's understanding of your moral sense, live in rural America, or want your descendants to enjoy the freedoms, culture, and traditions that made this country great: you are fooling yourself if you are not in fear of
what these new rulers intend for you and our nation. What they intend, believe me, you do not want.
Finally, if you have not been keeping abreast of the incremental creep of, for instance, animal ownership, management, and use; remember how we abandoned any management of whales (because they are what?) and then the management of seals (because they are what?) and then the management of sharks and wolves and cougars and grizzly bears: while today we point to "overfishing" and "dams" as causing fishery declines, and the deaths of campers and hunters and small children by predators as due to "improper behavior", and the disappearance of ranches and rural towns as due to "misuse of the land"? If you still doubt incremental creep, remember the Roe v. Wade cry of "only the first three months", then six, then nine, then partial birth abortion, and finally Princeton professors proposing "six months old" for those with a "poor quality of life" (like the cleft palate that my grandfather had as he raised his family and then me during WWII!)?
One final and current example of "creeping evil" is the confirmation process of the current Secretary of the Treasury and his cohort the Secretary of Health and Human Services nominee. When the Treasury guy (who now runs the IRS) was confirmed after being exposed for not paying $38 thousand in taxes from the two years before he was made to pay the same taxes for the following two years; and after he was given money by his employer to specifically pay those taxes; and paid them just as he was nominated for this post; and finally to not be charged penalties like you and me: a
standard was dropped and an ethical concept was abandoned. Enter the revelation that the Health and Human Services nominee, a former US Senator that made $5 Million in the two years after being defeated for reelection, failed to pay $138 thousand in taxes due years ago and that he was employed as a lobbyists for the medical industry, a major player in Health and Human Services as we all know. So when is tax evasion (cheating) an impediment to powerful government posts? If not at $38 thousand and then not at $138 thousand; if not at two years and not at four years: I can only assume it is like US Senator Webb's loaded handgun violation on Capitol Hill, that is to say "insufficient evidence" for powerful persons to be held accountable while not being an impediment for incarcerating those of us like the
starving citizens that Marie Antoinette once recommended should "eat cake".
Given the radical officials now in charge and the radical agendas they
represent; two years of incremental creep is a lifetime, four years is an eternity. The mix of radical agendas, majority rule, double standards, and the abandonment of ethics is as great a threat to our society today as it ever was for numberless other societies that disappeared into the sands of time.
God help us all, and God Bless America. Jim Beers 3 February 2009

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