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The Four Brokers of the Apocalypse:
The Four Brokers of the Apocalypse Should Be Starving To Death - Not The Natural Born Sovereign & Free Citizens
This perspective needs to be repeated over and over until we stop encouraging the continuance of an unnecessary
system of taxing ourselves to death thereby perpetuating an unecessary feudal & barbaric model.
Do not promote ANY FORM of taxes including "REFORM" upon the natural born, sovereign and free.
You may as well promote blood letting using leaches.
We do not want "reform", we want a complete end to this embezzlement
Forced & misapplied & "reformed" taxes of any form are destructive and unnecessary
Forced deceptive taxes are repugnant to & conflict with, the founding & fundamental laws of the land
Forced tax taking of private property including our wages are CRIMES NOT "taxes"
Tax "reform" is ONLY reformed embezzlement
"fair tax", VAT tax, "flat tax", consumption tax are misapplied indirect taxes directly on the people
The organizations promoting this tax taking "reformation" are lining their pockets with millions
by those who have swallowed "tax reform" hook, line and sinker.
"Americans for Fair Taxation" solicits donations using an ex Federal Reserve Board Governor name
That makes it pretty who is behind these cosmetic only reforms
Once again Americans bite the bait when they confuse a few choices to be their only choice
And worse yet, they are duped into thinking these few choices will be FREE CHOICE.
All taxes applied by force and deception are destructive and illegitimate.
These type of taxes are unnecessary, repressive and destructive as well as immoral
Basic contract law requires no coercion and no deception otherwise the contract is void
The myth of direct & indirect taxes applied upon the natural born is maligned
This is more Junk Finance propagated by the Four Brokers of Bankruptcy for their early retirement
These are the Four Horseman of Death
The Bench,
The Bar,
The Bankers and
THEIR political Brokers,
i.e. their governments - Cities, counties, state and fed
TAX 101 (sorry to repeat this endlessly for those who know already)
1. Sales taxes are an indirect tax and must be uniform across the states and cannot be applied to the natural born as an add on till tax.
2. Direct taxes must be apportioned by population to the states.
How the several states pay is their business BUT
They cannot apply any taxes by force, coercion or deception to the natural born
Current property taxes, income taxes and sales taxes upon the natural born are unconstitutional
There are no constitutional direct taxes in the United States for good reason
Even the Federalist well knew the danger of direct taxes
and limited them to emergencies ONLY
1/4 to 2% MAX
and voluntary
This detail was intentionally left out of the Constitution
The Bill of Rights were to be the Supreme Law of Land Not the Constitution
The Bill of Rights were to be Articles NOT Amendments
The Constitution is in conflict with the Bill of Rights
You cannot tax God given rights of a natural born to own property and earn wages
A few good high courts have reaffirmed this in the past
Forced or deceptive taxes conflicts with the Bills of Rights AND the Laws of Nature
The Four Brokers of the Apocalypse have taken away the powers of Grand & Trial Juries
The Grand & Trial Juries have all the power to decide the law
The Four Brokers of the Apocalypse are to stand down to the will of the final Supreme Judges, the natural born.
The Four Brokers use tyranny to force unjust legal, financial, monetary & scientific fiction over the land
3. The ONLY constitutional sources of income for the government are:
uniform indirect taxes paid by the corporations and businesses
the lease and sale of government owned lands
customs import duties upon foreign countries and business trading in America
the federal printing press which do not have to pay interest to anyone.
So called "Direct taxes" are not only immoral, they are highly destructive and need to be eliminated totally.
Even the Federalist could never get unanimous approval on this clause.
The direct tax clause is highly perverted the original intention of even the pro central Federalist
There was NO unanimous approval.
This is why the Federalist added the last Article 7 of the Constitution, i.e.
i.e. they could not get unanimous approval of the 13 states,
so they settled on 9 states as "sufficient" for ratification.
There are no constitutionally applied "direct taxes" existing today!
There have only been three times in history when the Four Brokers tried to stick this in
It never worked.
It is near impossible to apply.
There are precedence setting, repeated high court rulings, against
property taxes, income taxes and the taxing of any wages.
All sales taxes must be costed into the price of the goods or service by the merchants and then passed on IF the business sees fit when competing with other merchants.
Limited Constitutional Revenue Fences In The Government AND the sovereign states NOT the sovereign Citizens
This was the intension even of the pro big central government Federalist types.
The Anti Federalist were much more prophetic and correct.
Once you allow private property to be breeched, you have destroyed yourself
A central government does not protect the freedom of its people, it is a threat
Never give up your power to someone else to "protect" yourself
This is tantamount to giving up you side arm to a stranger to protect your family
The Four Brokers of the Apocalypse are bleeding American's to death.
Bailouts are ether on the same old fires of taking Americans.
We need to put The Four Brokers in a position whereby they have no choice but to starve themselves to death.
Thereby the people will be set free.
Free people and free markets create the wealth.
Government does not create anything BUT WARS, DEBT & PERPETUATION OF ITSELF
Government & Corporate Institutions are both by their nature predatory sharks
We cannot continue to blow up a balloon of debt with the illusion it will protect us.
This is an oxymoron.
Bailouts are the symptom of the problem NOT the cure.
The problem is the current system which has been created by and revolves around These Four Brokers of Death.
The solution is simple, though hard to believe for some
Get rid of all forms of forced direct and indirect taxes upon the natural born
Get rid of all interest charges upon the natural born
Interest and taxes are fictional creations by the Four Brokers for legal fiction entities ONLY
Financial fiction cannot be applied upon natural born state Citizens
Give the natural born allodial title to their property, i.e. the title of kings
Then set US free
Once people are secure from The Four Brokers of the Apocalypse
to own their homes, land and vehicles in allodial title without predatory takings
they are free to recreate themselves
"If there is righteousness in the heart
There will be beauty in the character;
If there is beauty in the character
There will be harmony in the home;
When there is harmony in the home
There will be order in the nation;
When there is order in the nation
There will be peace in the world."
-Sai Baba
Taxes and interest upon private property, create and perpetuate endless boom bust destruction upon our lives and the sanctity of our homes, land and property.
These two weasel words ("taxes & interest") were cleverly crafted masking the terminal nature of their venom.
Taxes and interest are equivalent to the profits of money changers as well as other deceptions, e.g. the monetizing of debt into a worthless currency,
evolution of legal fiction "progressive positivism", junk science fictions, e.g. "alternative energy", "man caused global warming", "man caused endangered species", etc.There is little to no need for interest as the money is freely printed at no cost Low to NO interest loans plus closing costs are economically viable
The sovereign states and their sovereign and free Citizens have been taken by stealth, deception and subversion while corporate media and the Four Brokers of the Apocalypse spin these superstitions into colored laws.
The federal government was intentionally restricted to a 10 square mile sand box around D.C.
The Four Brokers of the Apocalypse breeched this sand box long ago
by morphing the old concepts of a limited trade and a 5% import tax into
a global municipal corporation enjoined with national and global businesses.
They have amassed a virtual fortune beyond anyone's ability to visualize the scam.
There is no law requiring anyone to pay a so called "income" tax.
The high court has ruled on this several times so saying.
Income is profit or gain NOT wages.
Wages is your labor and is NOT profit or a gain
We live on the surface of a balloon intentionally over and under inflating.
This whip saw sends shock waves through the lives of Americans generation after generation
The Four Brokers of the Apocalypse intentionally continue this game for their profit and power Centuries of this "bull whipping" of the natural born and our private property ultimately uproot our lives and traditions.
Thereby, The Four Brokers of the Apocalypse more easily take anything they want, any time they want.
The great depression was orchestrated, as well as the Civil War, WWI and most of the wars.
The bailouts are the symptom NOT the solution
The solution is to overturn the money taking boards and tables creating these takings
The enormity of the takings against private property owners ....
Over the last 233 years, is unimaginable, indescribable, unbelievable and staggering.
"The founding lawyers regarded inferior courts as a vital link to the Supreme Court
for maintaining federal supremacy." The Constitution That Never Was.
The US Attorney Office as well as the US Attorney General office is not authorized by the Constitution
There is NO separation of power
The bench and the bar all work for the same boss
The Grand and Trial Juries meant to be the ultimate judicial check are strangled by judicial tyranny
The current tax system upon the natural born in American is feudal
People are killing themselves and their families because of the repressive nature of this apocalyptic system
Six families in California recently pulled the trigger on each other BECAUSE OF THE SYSTEM.
They are being pressured unjustly out of their homes
All because of the creation of phony myths of scarcity, of usurious interest diluted titles, promoted by the bench, bar, bankers & government brokers
whereby they your homes, land, vehicles, wages, family estate, etc.
The Four Brokers of the Apocalypse have destroyed everything we have fought and died for 92% of Americans do not even know it
There are no founding laws sanctioning any of these illegitimate takings of private property.
There are high court rulings via precedence cases against much of this
All being ignored by the lower bench, bar and banks & Brokers of CONgress
In addition to legal, financial & junk science fiction created hourly to legitimatize further embezzlement of our private property and traditional way of life.
The game board is rigged to wring out blood money to The Four Brokers of the Apocalypse
The apocalypse is created one tax crime at a time.
The taxing takes many forms, visible and invisible.
A recent federal court ruling in Washington State declared King County land restrictions an illegitimate tax
One of the speakers at the last GoodNeighborLaw Forum said it best, I thought.
We must nip these takings in the heel of the basic assumptions.
This is how ALL our private and public property are taken.
Every piece of "legislation" coming out of the several states in the corporate "united states" takes away from our free will and free choice, directly and indirectly generation after generation
The thief comes in the night when we are sleeping.
The solution is simple, turn on your lights and arm yourself with the hard truth.
Once you are able to see clearly who is taking your property
Sound the alarm throughout the land
"The Four Brokers of the Apocalypse are coming"
"The Bench are coming"
"The Bar are coming"
"The Bankers are coming"
"The Political Party Brokers are coming"
"The Tax Reform Brokers are coming"
Let the virtual Bell Towers signal the truth again
Jack Venrick 2/8/09

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