Thursday, February 12, 2009


By Jack Venrick

I just uploaded this page on my site with key emails covering how we pulled out the State Department of Tyranny's "finger down our throat" attempt to shove in an unwanted Roundabout on a major SR169 and SE416th intersection. This is a half mile from where I live.
Senator Pam Roach was a major asset and tiger in the rural property owners tank to stop this. She had to ultimately go to the State governor of all things. This shows you how fanatical these green sustaining government wet dreams have become. They lay out the plans decades ahead and herd the community into the corrals and chutes leading to the cattle cars all bound for Sustaining "Death" a.k.a. "Development". That would be THEIR development and OUR death.
While the sovereign and free state Citizens are shut down from enjoying any of their property rights, the few privileges we grant a limited government, have mutated into a terminal cancer, turning our rural areas into little Stepford towns for the urban elite, e.g. bike trails, parks and roundabouts for fish and humans.
Please feel free to send me any news or suggestions to post, we are making history, one way or another. The awakening will occur through these experiences waking up one property owner at a time.
Forward and use as you see fit to others.
Jack Venrick
Enumclaw, Washington

One Man Awake

One man awake, Awakens another,
The second awakens, His next door brother.
The three awake can rouse a town,
By turning the whole place upside down.
The many awake, Can raise such a fuss,
It finally awakens, The rest of us.
One man up, With dawn in his eyes
Surely then...Multiplies.

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