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On February 12, 2009, The Evergreen Freedom Foundation presented: Those who are on the dark side taking our Land and our "Little Pink Houses" And Those who waking up to the truth they are SOVEREIGN & FREE
Exceptional luncheon this afternoon, hosted by Evergreen Freedom Foundation to a packed crowd. Susette Kelo was the star of the luncheon. She spent 10 years of her life fighting City of New London, Connecticut, New London Development Corporation, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, a President of Connecticut College and the governor of the State of Connecticut who literally bull dozed down her neighborhood for a project that never happen.
Investigative journalist Jeff Benedict who researched and wrote Ms. Kelo's story was also there and gave the heart wrenching history. The cover of Jeff's book is shown below. I encourage all to buy this true story and learn how big business, big academia and big government conspire to choke out individual freedoms and liberties for their own selfish pompous profit.
The Institute of Justice John Chambers also spoke and told their story of how they came into the battle to help defend Ms. Kelo.
After all this blood letting by big business and big government, 90 acres now stands empty and baron where Ms. Kelo's home and neighborhood once stood. The Governor of Connecticut went to prison and his Chief of Staff is out. The head of Pfizer was ousted. The President of Connecticut College was ousted. Lives were lost in the neighborhood because of the stress and damage caused in the neighborhood.
42 states have enacted laws against this sort of taking despite the Supreme Court 5-4insane decision but this is only Swiss cheese with holes.
Evergreen Freedom Foundation aired two additional property taking stories in Washington state by Sound Transit and the City of Sammamish.
Please help us stop these crimes against humanity and our property rights by supporting the rally below and the new property rights center starting by Evergreen Freedom Foundation .
All of these takings come through illegitimate social and environmental culling programs such as Open Space, Public Benefit Rating System, Growth Management Act, CAO, SAO, Smart Growth and Sustaining Development and the United Nations.
All the founding laws of the land and the fundamental natural laws have been torn to sheds by the greedy green businesses & bureaucrats profiting from these "colonization" programs. All the taxes, usurious interest and diluted property titles are illegitimate takings of your basic rights. We have been deluded into sheep and herded like cattle to slaughter by the bench, bar, banks and brokers of big government.
We must wake up our neighbors and our community and expose this corruption by locking arms with our local and national property rights groups, freedom and legal foundations who are fighting to free us from the tyranny of taking private and public property.
Jack Venrick
Enumclaw, Washington

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