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Strangling the Life Out of America!

"Strangling the Life Out of America!"
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
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Some of us actually remember when America was the "can-do" country. Current generations are now stuck with, "we can't do that" because there is a law against it, or it might offend someone.

In the 1930's along came the socialists and communists to tear down the fabric of our Constitutional Republic, purportedly to save us from the grand emergency of the Great Depression. The results of their efforts was to extend the Great Depression. Even prior to FDR, President Wilson worked feverishly to dismantle the Constitution in favor of a one-world-order government, under the League of Nations.

And it wasn't always government as the perpetrator of the abuse of power. Even prior to President Wilson, Rockefeller's corporate empire was undaunted after President Theodore Roosevelt tried to bust up that empire. Rockefeller is portrayed in Robert Minor's 1911 cartoon in THE ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH as welcoming Karl Marx to Wall Street, with Marx carrying a book titled SOCIALISM. Rockefeller was able to use his great wealth to "buy" politicians who would see to it that through laws, rules and regulations, the Rockefellers and affiliates were not adversely affected-a type of corporate Socialism.

From an article about Rockefeller by Dennis L. Cuddy, PHD, he wrote: "In August of 1911 McCLURE'S magazine published an article titled "Masters of America: The Seven Men," which warned that "all fundamental resources, all industries capable of forming a unit, are being drawn together toward monopoly control.. And if corporate centralization of power continues unchecked, what is the next great popular agitation to be in this country? Socialism?

President Herbert Hoover instituted a study by the University of Illinois and Harvard on how to manipulate people through their subconscious minds. The Rockefeller Foundation paid for the study. Many of the findings of the study found their way into legislation.

The onslaught of government actions to further the decline of liberty and to over-regulate Americans, has been intense and never-ending for almost 100 years. Politicians and the socialists, corporations, unions and environmentalists that lobby them, have and are continuing to circumvent the strict limits on government power, as codified in our U. S. Constitution. International forces have been and are at work on the destruction of American sovereignty and the pillage of its wealth, resources and technology, through UN policies, agendas, treaties and money manipulation.

In spite of these attempts to chip away at our freedoms by our so-called leaders who think they know what is best for us, the great American ingenuity and creativity performed unimaginable feats in the previous Century and generated new technologies that were not only labor or life saving for Americans, but were the gift that raised many other world cultures out of poverty and into productivity and better health. America has been almost a providential gift to the entire world.

But no more. American socialist politicians have robbed the public treasury to buy votes, thus securing their perpetual power and driving America into financial ruin, where confidence in the future is at an all-time low. A deep depression is a real possibility, no matter how much of our money government throws at the problem. But worse, the financial emergency will be used as an excuse to implement one-world-government through a world currency. The money changers will finally rule the world, if they don't already.

The cost of the American government has risen from $1,150 per man, woman and child in America in 1970, to almost $10,000 today, or an 800% increase in 38 years. With the current insane bailout programs being handed out like candy, the cost of government per person, will rise well into the Thirty Thousands. America is broke and bankrupt because politicians have been using the distorted emotion of compassion (socialism by any other name) at any cost, as their mantra. Where the money was coming from to pay for it all was a detail that could be swept under the Capitol rug and buried as undistinguishable line-items in a budget report, or propagandized as being irrelevant. The insane over-spending policies of Washington DC filtered down to the states, counties and cities which now find themselves in the same dire financial situation as the Federal Government. Will they have to be bailed out as well? Probably!

Wealthy and politically influential radical environmentalists, who incessantly lobby government, have been enormously successful in putting road blocks in the way of America's commercial engine and the energy that drives that engine. They have exponentially increased the cost of everything we eat, travel on or in and the construction of roads, bridges and buildings. They have virtually stopped the extraction of new energy sources almost anywhere in America and have had legislation passed that makes it almost impossible to construct new power plants and refineries. Consequently, none have been built for 30 years. They now lobby for inefficient wind and solar power that must be subsidized by government.

These environmentalists have goaded government into passing draconian environmental laws that eat at the very core of American freedom, liberty and property rights. Salmon, snail darters and polar bears are more important and are due a greater priority than people, or their God given rights.

Environmentalists and the government that aides and abets them, have convinced almost an entire world population that man is the direct cause of a catastrophic rise in world temperatures and the cost of not doing anything far exceeds the cost of CO2 emission limits, or cap and trade regulations. No matter the overwhelming science against it, this fraud of man-caused global warming fits right in with the plan of a one-world-order for the centralized control of all land, water, energy and food. It is one of the greatest con games ever perpetrated on a hopelessly naive world that will pay for its naiveté by outright enslavement.

Although we still have the free choice to give to others as charity, government forces us to be more benevolent. Now government decides what charity we must give to and extracts their pound of flesh at the point of a gun through taxes. Give as they demand, or find yourself having to deal with an insane bureaucracy, or face criminal charges that result in heavy fines or can land you in jail, or both.

And for almost two decades, government has been tweaking the public school system by passing specific legislation that interjects socialist and radical environmentalist doctrine into the entire American public school curriculum. For the last twenty years, or even longer, your kids have been being brainwashed and indoctrinated by a government Hell bent on turning them into one-world-order, multi-cultural, socialist and radical environmental robots. Here again, Rockefeller raises his ugly head: "Changing attitudes, values and beliefs were also aspects of "social control" which, like education, was an important component of the Rockefeller plan. In order to control people, the Rockefellers knew they had to have the ability to control and monitor what people learn."

No invasion by a foreign government, or natural catastrophe, could have done more to strangle the very economic life out of America's creativity, ingenuity, industriousness and generosity than the socialist's and radical environmentalist's plan to re-shape America in their own distorted image. And we the people watched in abject apathy and disinterest, while they did it. We have only ourselves to blame for what is transpiring in front of our very eyes, as America and the world waits in anxious anticipation of an economic and sovereign tsunami. Like the pilot who lost a wing in flight, you might as well bend over and kiss your "ar.....s" goodbye ............ unless WE THE PEOPLE regain control from the inmates who have taken over what has now become America's asylum.

Ron Ewart, President
P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA 98027
425 222-4742 or 1 800 682-7848
(Fax No. 425 222-4743)

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