Monday, December 1, 2008


When Carter and the libs of that era foisted this upon us, I knew then this was the beginning of the overt effort of Communism in our educational system.

One of the core practices of that social system (much like the "Indian school" efforts by our gov't back in the 1800's) was to seperate the young from everything familiar so you could break the chain of cultural knowledge of all that is known from generational surroundings. Then, out of being in unfamiliar territory ("turf"), the alienated student would cling to the educational peers (teachers, etc.) as their mentors. The communists called them "re-education camps" where they would break the societal links of the young with the old and then find it easier to destroy the old world knowledge as then it would be foriegn to the young. Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge, Stalin, the current Maoist Chinese gov't. and many others were very successfull at this, and thus were able to bring in their so called cultural revolutions.

What we just witnessed (and are witnessing with our young culture ushering in the dawn of Socialism upon our Republic of the older generation with this past election) is the outcome of the socialists' effort with the busing program back in the '70's - it had nothing to do with race and everything to do with breaking our youth's links with the generational connections with the Republic. They don't even know what the Constitution is or what the Bill of Rights are about.

In an effort to get people to respond, even to issues which are of the utmost importance, sometimes, one must resort to shrillness.
In our society, it is the shrill, and bossy who seem to get the most, yet, least deserved attention.
Case in point, last session, hundreds of email, phone calls and personal testimony poured into the capital, telling the legislators to kill 1007, none the less, the shrill, often obnoxious lobbying from the toll road won out in the end, despite our quite, reasonable, logical objections to the bill.
Do we stay on the high road, but continue to get beat? I don't know. sc
Well......I thought you were being plain nice! Ya didn't shoot 'em did ya?
You are and have always been tops in my book!! XOXO KT
About your analysis of your writing and its effect, here is a quote from Senator Barry Goldwater that might shed a different light on your efforts.

"I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. Let me also remind you that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue."

Keep up what you are doing. It's working. We are all having an effect, whether we are somewhat extreme, or somewhat moderate. Right now, "noise" is all we have. Our power will return when we have woken up the masses. In the end, the other side may do it for us.

Take care, Ron
You care and that's important. You've cared for a very long time-32 years!
There are so many wonderful qualities you have. If once in a while you get loud that's who you are.
The rest of us need to learn to listen. Don't be hard on yourself.
Happy Thanksgiving, Friend
Damn lady. I love a person that can give constructive criticism . . . to herself. Good for you. Happy Thanksgiving. xxoo ES

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