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The Plundering and Looting of America's Roots"

"The Plundering and Looting of America's Roots"
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
© Copyright November 26, 2008 - All Rights Reserved

When the madman Hitler rose to power in Germany, it was just after the time that Germany had suffered a humiliating defeat in the first World War, (a war Germany started) and was rendered militarily "toothless" by the Versailles treaty. German national pride was at a low ebb at the time and Hitler's passion and grand oratory gave the German people a reason to feel good about themselves again, even though the message Hitler was promoting differed remarkably from what was hidden in the deep recesses of his diabolical mind. Hitler could not have accomplished his rise to power all on his own. He had both political and financial help from those who saw fame and fortune in riding on Hitler's coattails. But worst of all, he had willing accomplices in the German people. A very large percentage of the German people, who saw through Hitler's propaganda, essentially stood by and did nothing. The cost of millions of lives and untold property damage rests squarely on their shoulders.

The plan that Hitler had for the conquest of Europe and beyond was devious, if not wholly evil. He had two overriding passions, he hated the Jews and the Slavs and he had an unhealthy, almost obsessive love of art. As his armies spread across Europe, they, on his orders, plundered and looted trophy art from every museum, building and every household they encountered and conquered, or destroyed. Hitler was responsible for not only taking millions of lives, destroying countless buildings and homes, but on his direction, robbed the people of their entire religious and cultural heritage in their art and their architecture.

After the war, the allies found tons of trophy art hidden in caves and mountain strongholds and castles, all across Germany, that the Russians hadn't found. The job of cataloging, restoration and returning the art to their rightful owners took years and is still going on today. Over 50,000 catalogued pieces of art are still missing. Some may have been lost to collateral damage. But still other pieces of fine and trophy art are in the possession of Germans and other war perpetrators that worked hand-in-hand with the Germans. It will be generations before all the art is determined to be either lost, or surfaces from family members offering the art for sale, who have no idea of the art's origin.

In its 232-year history, America has had many fine artists that have expressed their work in millions of paintings, sculptures and other artifacts. The production of art in a country of 300,000,000 people is mind boggling. Some of the art is truly excellent and some mediocre at best. Nevertheless, the art is representative of the American "culture", no matter what the medium in which it was cast. American art is not yet old enough to label it as antiquities art, with the accompanying high value.

But there is more to the American culture than just its art, as there was more to the European and Russian cultures than their trophy art and its architecture. America, among all countries that were formed since civilization began, is totally unique, in that it was formed under an umbrella of unalienable, individual rights that brought individuals true freedom and liberty. Part of those unalienable, individual rights was the foundation of all such rights, and that was the right to "own" and "possess" property, or property rights.

But stealing a country's heritage does not necessarily have to be accomplished by physical force. Today, through legislation and bureaucratic rule making, the true heritage of America's culture, private property rights, is being systematically plundered and looted by a government who has lost all allegiance to the foundation of America's freedom, its Constitution. Based on the false premise that man is killing the planet and lobbied incessantly by radical environmentalists, government, at all levels, (the looters) is unconstitutionally shoving radical environmentalism down the throats of private landowners in every corner of America, based on that false premise. Under the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Water Act, man-cause global warming policies, the Environmental Protection Agency and a plethora of other laws, rules and acts, government thumbs its nose at the 5th Amendment to our constitution and takes private land by regulation, or outright confiscation and totally ignores due process and just compensation. The right of eminent domain has been so perverted by the courts as to authorize an eminent domain taking for almost any reason; the "any reason" being decided by government.

Now, just as in Germany in the 1930's, the American government has willing accomplices in these vile, draconian acts and these accomplices, for fame and fortune, have hitched a ride on the coattails of this out-of-control government. As the whores they are, these accomplices take their marching orders from United Nations hacks and international monetary oligarchs and hangout in government offices collecting favors, writing legislation and requesting grants to fund their evil activities against American landowners.

But worst of all, the government, the socialists and radical environmentalists have willing accomplices in a large percentage of the American people. Most of these willing accomplices live in big cities.

In spite of this plundering and looting of America's roots, the core of the American people still believe in the foundation of constitutional freedom. With few exceptions, the heartland of America is predominantly conservative. It is only in the high-dense urban centers, in big cities, on our three coasts and in and around the Great Lakes region, who are hopelessly dependent on government, that continuously vote to keep the socialists in office, who continuously pass legislation to keep the big city's "pig trough" full. Big cities are also bastions of radical environmentalism and multi-culturalism. Their heavy vote-majority perpetuates these un-American and in many cases, unconstitutional policies. While the big-city radical environmentalists lobby government to steal your land, the big-city socialists lobby government to steal your money. Under these insane socialist and radical environmental policies, failure is rewarded and success is taxed to pay for the failures. An up-side-down Orwellian world if there ever was one.

However, a high percentage of the American people still believe in unalienable, individual rights, property rights, free markets and capitalism. They believe that the Constitution is the foundation of our freedom and liberty, and is and should, be the Supreme Law of the Land. But as in 1930's Germany, if the core of the American people who believe in liberty, stand by while their culture and heritage are plundered and looted by those who hold no allegiance to constitutional freedom, they will one day find themselves as slaves to the looters. Or, are they already slaves and just don't know it? The entire cost of this plundering and looting rests squarely on the shoulders of those who knew what was going on, but did nothing to stop it.

One way to take a stand against those accomplices who would unconscionably steal your cultural heritage, property rights and your money, is to make a Declaration of Individual Independence and Reaffirm American Constitutional Sovereignty. A copy of such a Declaration can be obtained by requesting it at

Ron Ewart, President
P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA 98027
425 222-4742 or 1 800 682-7848
(Fax No. 425 222-4743)

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