Saturday, November 22, 2008

Taking Stock

This graph is a great historical perspective of the stock "market". Our belief systems are so powerful they can create facts and fiction out of thin air. This market is not a market in the sense of a free and open market. Once you start to understand how deeply corrupt the monetary system is, as well as the central banking systems and the government systems controlling every aspect of our lives, you can start to understand how to free yourself. Assuming you know you are not free.

With this new perspective, you can track how the dark side will try again to blow up the empty balloon of debt, broker more illegitimate wars for more usurious interest for more usurious debt for more usurious taxes to create an illusion that we are a free and profitable nation. Then when these takings fail again, they will bailout the national and international gangsters upon our backs using the same ole propaganda. Our families have died to keep this illegitimate game going for 232 years here in America and abroad.

The answers are always simple. Let those who fail, fail. What a great lesson failure is. It is the best professor I ever had. Who wants to learn something new, especially outside ones belief system unless you experience direct failure as a result of your personal confidence levels. After a few failures, one get desperate enough to do something drastic and change the way you think and believe. America has been propping up a growing government model of failure for centuries.

Profit = gross revenue - cost of doing business. Free markets require profit for all of us to survive. Without responsible profit, we degenerate into fascism which is where we are today in America and rapidly spreading around the world. While the fix is simple, the irony is in the detail.

Profitable businesses and individuals are soon surrounded, regulated to death and devoured by those sharks who refuse to live on their own. In turn, those businesses, corporations and individuals, who do become successful, too frequently become greedy and turn to sharking out their own kind as well as their employees, i.e. less benefits and less competition = more profit. In turn the people and the businesses create a third type of shark to "protect" themselves or so they think, i.e. "government". Then they create another shark called unions to protect them from the other sharks.

Thus we create the "perfect storm", a cycle of a degenerating feeding frenzy. We feed upon each others greed, fear, envy and weakness. No non government or government institutional shark is going to save those they feed upon. These institutions have lost the most fundemental principles long ago.

The model we have built over the last 232 years was debased from the get go, believe it or not. The first experiment in "freedom", while giving us a relative quantum leap toward more individual freedom in America was undermined by the intention of the founding "lieyers" and part ignorance of the apathic uninvited other 3 million colonists. 34 of the 55 Constitutional signers in Philadelphia were lawyers, i.e. "lieyers". We have political courts NOT constitutional courts. The Constitution was a product of the state "delegates" not the people. This is only the tip of the constitutional takings researchers are just starting to understand.

After one studies history long enough, the question is not, were "they" successful,
But just exactly who was successful and at what price have we all paid for this "success".
One has to train themselves to learn the basic assumptions of freedom to recognize when you are taken.
If you do not understand your fundemental unalienable rights, you are duped into fee simple title thinking you own your land
while you are taxes thru the grave on what you don't own, believing this is legitimate

Government and corporate institutions feed upon the people, needlessly.
Both institutions have become predatory upon our very lives,
our families, our wages, our land, homes, wealth, vehicles, livestock and traditional way of life.
These two sharks devour their own kind to survive NOT to protect us.
They are unquestionably cannibalistic.
The string of taking does not stop there.
The thread of conscription runs deep into our roots through the Bank of England and the Bank of Rome and beyond.

How many ways can you divide up the gift of individual and state sovereignty?
And the answer is,
in enough ways for the government and non government sharks to make your rights near invisible to you
and bite size for them
the government and non government "lieyers" have fragged our fundemental laws beyond recognition

The only way we can set ourselves free is for each one of us to become totally independent from both groups ASAP.
We have degenerated from the land of the free into the hand of fascism in less than 232 years.
America has allowed itself to become enslaved to the tyranny of elite bankers and "lieyers"
These self appointed money and legal changers have robbed us blind and we don't even know it.
Some may call for a revolution which is more than justified and long over due
I call for the complete independence and sovereignty of the states from the central government and UN
I call for complete free choice for the natural born sovereign and free state Citizens
Let the Federalists central government die of atrophy and old age
Free people need free places to live and that will happen next
Free states, towns, townships will be the next revolution that will magnetize a model of unending prosperity for all

The dark side has dealt us an illegitimate hand of poison cards and stacked the deck long ago. e.g.
illegitimate usurious concept of interest rates
illegitimate tax system
worthless, corrupt and unnecessary paper not based on gold or silver
growing debt into bankrupting America several times
illegitimate laws and regulations that debase fundemental Laws of Nature and Natures God
unnecessary wars brokered for power and profit
cannibalizing our traditional way of life
making us believe that taxes upon the natural born sovereign and free state Citizens are necessary
making us believe they can regulate our lives better than we can
allowing others to legislate our life style
allowing others to take away our private property including our wages, homes, land, vehicles, livestock
then telling us this was done to protect us and keep us safe
we are not cattle nor ant colonies nor bee hives we are sovereign and untouchable.

The stock market, the monetary system, the banking system, the ABA, the government systems, court systems, election systems, state run indoctrination systems, taxing systems, ad nausea, are all totally corrupted and unnecessary to operate a free society. The irony is any forced system ultimately kill entire civilizations on the average every 200 years. How many times must we pervert free choice before we learn this simple fact?

Every city, county and state government in America survives by highly illegitimate predatory taking from the natural born, sovereign and free state Citizens.
This is totally unnecessary in a free society.
Government taking of any kind is the death knell to our national, state and individual sovereignty.
Once you start to see this pattern of forced bully behavior and you run the threads of taking back far enough, the picture becomes clear.
Force is not only unnecessary, it is highly destructive to a free society
Yet over half the population of America believe this is the only way they can survive.

Government and its non government leeches take a little dash of facts, a pinch of reality, a gallon of hype and hysteria, 5 gallons of paranoia, 10 gallons of misrepresentations(lies) and stir it up in a blender called the media to create a slop they pour into a public pig trough for us to drink from.

Each individual must cut all ties with these sharks and make themselves totally independent. Then we must show the next generation not to drink from this poison well. This slop created by these institutional sharks causes a slow horrible death.

We must learn to drink only from the cup of free choice to set ourselves free.

The dirty secret is forced takings are not necessary in free societies.
Freedom and power and greatness is built upon giving NOT forced takings of any kind.
Forced taxing upon the natural born sovereign and free state Citizen is a myth and a regressive tax.
Income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, flat taxes, VAT taxes, "Fair" taxes are all a myth
Absolutely unnecessary and an insult to a society built upon freedom.
Legitimate taxes are only upon legal fiction corporations and municipal corporation and their employees.

How to restore freedom in America is the question.
Do just the opposite of what we have done for the last 232 years
Defund government to save our traditional way of life
Let unprofitable institutions fail
Shut down the unconstitutional and illegitimate IRS
Stop all taxing and usurious interest upon the natural born sovereign and free state Citizens
Kick out the UN and the Rockefeller and globalist base who support it
reestablished a very limited government based on limited revenue sources, i.e.
indirect taxes, custom duties, the sale and lease of natural resources
individual state limited printing of constitutional gold and silver based low fractualized coin and currency redeemable in gold and silver.
Shut every cereal agency in the federal, state, county and city governments down immediately.
Americans are NOT poor though the fascist and socialist would have you believe it.
We do NOT need to rob by force from anyone.
We are more than capable of creating our own wealth if left alone by the marauding government and their codependents
City, township, state and federal governments have more than enough revenue on indirect sources at only a few percent tax
All others individual needs must be met in the private sector
There is no need for illegitimate and legitimate direct taxes or indirect taxes of any kind directly upon the natural born
Get out of the spot illegitimate spot light and red lights and exercise all of your unalienable rights ASAP
America has a grand illusion of freedom. May God grant us the strength and spirit to free ourselves and take care of ourselves by ourselves, once again. There is no fundemental laws of this country or Laws of Nature and Nature God's that require natural born sovereign free state Citizens to pay a dime to anyone.

The "bailouts" and those behind them are the problems NOT the solutions. The highest priority solution to save America is to get rid of the usurious taxes and interest rates upon the natural born sovereign and free state Citizens. Anything short of that is only a criminal political "fix" in more ways than one.

Jack Venrick
Enumclaw, Washington
"Freedom is just another word for nothing else to loose"

Good Constitutional reading FYI
1. The Constitution That Never Was by RalphBoryszewski (a New York retired cop in his 90's)
(book is hard to find out of print used copies only if lucky)
He couldn't find a publisher to print it because the publishers were afraid of being sued by the lawyers
So he paid for the first printing out of his savings
2. Our Constitution The Myth that Binds Us by Eric Black

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Editor in behalf of... said...

Hi Roni,
Below is was an e-mail exchange that I had with a very bright, but self described
"close minded", individual whom I forwarded your e-mail to. I thought you'd appreciate
reading their comments...Take care! keep up the good work
Subject: Re: FW: Gore Admits 'I've failed badly' - Global Sea Ice GROWS!
1) Uh, oh, This could get ugly... Or maybe we should just call it "very
bad timing" for the global warming alarmist. I sure hope this doesn't
pull the rug out from under all the green energy industries. Dang, I
hate when this happens... It's like the Pres. Carter years all over again.


Yes, Randy, this list is very long. I'm not moved one inch. And I'm
not sure what your snide comment means. What would you like to see
happen? I'm sure the Arabs would love to continue to see us use as much
oil as we want, and then continue to beat us up for playing pig by an
order of magnitute. The rest of the world is creating new markets and
we're watching it happen while we debate in Congress and fill out
mountains of tree-derived paperwork. And, sweaters be damned, and let
all the OTHER evidence be damned. America, and everyone else is
entitled to all the stuff we want and can buy. And the rest is what God
created credit cards for.
Sargent Vangle

"Snide comment"..? I'm not sure I like your tone! I'm very unhappy with this
"debunked scare tactic" trend because it will probably have the effect of
keeping us (USA) from actually developing newer energy sources and that
means a valuable source of hydrocarbons get used for polluting the atmosphere
instead of being utilized in the production of some sort of molecularly stable
product. What did you think I was suggesting..? I've always been consistent
with my rants. I've spent 30+ years of my life in support of new energy programs
and energy saving efforts, but I've been outraged by the idiots that have been
behind this "chicken little" propaganda program because it is completely counter
productive to long term petrochemical use changes for the country. Anyway,
the science community has always had two sides (if not more?) to most theories
and these international collective efforts to suppress these "counter-opinions" are
just doomed to have a bad outcome. I don't really care that the general scientific
community says that I should believe in the "geocentric" theory, I'm still not
convinced that the earth is the center of the universe. Personally, I'm going to
put my support behind that crazy Italian guy, Galileo. Go ahead call me a
"rogue extremist" that has his head in the sand... I can take it!
Now, you keep holding your ground. Because if you start having to give an inch
then my world will be slipping away by an equal amount...
Have a nice day!

7:26 PM, November 22, 2008