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Old and New Political Fools

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Hank where do you get this crap from.Read the newspapers catch the tv news reports.This same stunt has been tried in 3 different states Washington being one of them.Its crap put out there by the bottom feeders.They try the get the uniformed rialled up.For that matter Mc cain was not born in the united states.He was covered because his parents was in the military BUT OBAMA WAS AND HAS BEEN PROVED BEYOND A SHADOW OF DOUBT TO HAVE BEEN BORN IN HAWAII.GET WITH IT OLD BUDDY. LARRY
Response to Larry's email - from Jack Venrick

One of the minerals common in Montana, where I was raised, is iron pyrite.
It is a beautiful rock, crystal like, gold in color, attractive enough to treasure and horde,
at least for a kid or the unFederal unReserve unChairman to think he is getting rich.
This shining gold mineral fooled many and obtained the label "fools gold".
Political parties and the unFederal unReserve are exactly like "fools gold".
They have the appearance and pretext to look pretty, while they make you feel good and give you warm feelings.
You hope they will do what they promise, protect you and make all your dreams come true
as soon as you give them more money and support they are habituated too.
The truth is at the "bottom" or "center" NOT the "top" regarding your comment about bottom feeders.
Mainstream media is owned by 5 corporations. All the media, is in the entertainment business, not the honest reporting business.
I have turned off ALL media, liberal and conservative because it is all about hype and money and advertising, ad nausea.
The larger urban areas dominate this business and spin the "news" to fit their agenda.
Just pick up any Seattle Times or PI or turn on CNN or ABC or PBS, you can see the spin in less than a minute.
Mainstream media is a dinosaur in the throws of death.
Independent groups are making a good business monitoring this mainstream tripe to expose the political agendas being spun.
People are sick of it.

As you can see by the table below, America comes in 48th on the World Press Freedom Index.
Most government in America are now municipal corporations, i.e. cities, counties, states and District of Columbia. We are no longer a Constitutional Republic nor are we a "Democracy". America is somewhere between Communism and Socialism, i.e. fascism. We no longer have a government in the any sense of the intentions even the pro central government Federalist Framers of 1787 had in mind.

All of the founding laws of the land and the natural laws have been breached long ago. The entire system of American "government" is bankrupted, unconstitutional and illegitimate by even the Federalists definition over 200 years ago. How can you be free, when all ten planks of the Communist Manifesto are in place in America, for God sake?

We Americans have been totally duped into believing political parties and government are the only choices where in reality they are only perversions of "choices".

The natural born were to be sovereign and free in our respective free and sovereign states.
This has long since been transmuted by indescribable treachery over the last two plus centuries.
What we are living with now, is not unlike a hologram deck that we used to watch on Startreck.
This form of so called "government", is not a government at all, it is a state municipal corporation.

There is good evidence that the Framers, during the so called Constitutional Conventions intentionally shifted the desires of the then several states.
My research shows the colonists commoners wanted a small single purpose government designed to regulate commerce and trade ONLY.
What they were given was another political choice, i.e. no choice
A central and overly powerful government to suit those who wanted this power and control.
Dressed up and stampeded into an controlled election to resemble the commoners had a choice
The present form of American "government" respects no original laws of the land consistently.
They have swept the natural laws and God's law and Constitutional law under the rug.
They have replaced these millennium tried and tested principles with progressive so called positive laws
whereby they invent or reinvent legal fiction as they need it,
to over write legitimate founding laws with municipal corporation laws.
Another Fool Another No Choice Election

1. Barrack Obama has produced no evidence that he is a natural born citizen nor any papers to show he is even naturalized. He should have never been a Senator let alone where he is today. The image of a certificate on his web site has been examined and found fraudulently modified. Web site images are not legitimate even if it was real. There has been NO official stamped original birth certificate produced to INDEPENDENT and UNBIASED experts to prove where he was born. Kenyan officials have sealed their records as well as Hawaiian officials. Government has circled their wagons to protect themselves.

2. A leading Pennsylvania Democratic official and ex Assistant Attorney General who is also a well credentialed attorney himself, has lead the charge to expose this illegal alien. You can read all about it here What agenda does he have but to expose his own parties corruption. Again the judges in Hawaii and Pennsylvania have circled their liberal wagons to protect this prominent illegal alien.

3. Also this is well worth your time to read.
4. And here too

5. Ken Shock says it best here

"Obama defaulted on the Federal Court order to provide his citizenship documents, and the judge ruled that Former Penna. Deputy AG Phillip Berg had no "standing" to ask that Obama show he was a natural born citizen of the USA, as required by the US Constitution. Of course this is ridiculous, because every American has standing in the matter of it's leaders complying with the US Constitution.Phillip Berg has appealed this court decision to the US Supreme Court, where he is admitted to practice already! Perhaps you would be interested to know that Obama has also refused to release his records from three universities he attended. Now why to you suppose that Obama is not being open?? Is there ANY reason aside from hiding something?? Is this how we start a trusting relationship?? Did Obama benefit as a "foreign" student at any of these institutions??I think Obama's book should have been titled the Audacity of Audacity, as he is possibly the first illegal immigrant to seek the office of president. Where this all ends up is anybody's guess, but a constitutional crisis may occur - and Obama is NOT president until the Electoral College votes the matter in mid December."

6. There are lawsuits filed in eight states. His academic, health and birth papers have not being produced. Why do think such an easy deliverables is not being delivered up?

Still, it makes little difference who is in any government office, just as it would make little difference who is the Madam of a brothel or the Mobster of a gambling joint. The Madam and the Godfather have one mission and that is to perpetuate their organizations for profit at any cost, as long as they don't get caught.

Corporations do not have to abide by Constitutional or natural laws, they make their own laws as they go. They do not have to appoint natural born Americans to their board or clubs. The veil between private sector corporations and municipal corporations has grown very thin. They have sharked out each other and are merging into one leviathan multiheaded dinosaur.

Our situation here in America is upside down and backwards to what freedom and liberty and rights are supposed to be all about, i.e. we empowered a limited form of government to protect our freedoms, liberties and rights not take them away and not keep us intentionally in the dark.

Please do not allow yourself to buy into these political party deceptions. They are shell games and charades for profit and power over you and I. Out of some 435 U.S. Representatives and 100 U.S. Senators, only one U.S. Representative knows what is going on, at least with the guts to stand up and call it by name and that is U.S. Texas representative Dr. Ron Paul. Why do you think this is? Why do you think only one out of 535 municipal corporation employees would stand up and call a rat, a rat?

Global elites in America and Europe via the central banks created a mirage of worthless fiat monetized debt. This monetary myth was in existence when Jesus throw out the money changers in the temple halls 2000 years ago. They promptly took care of Him or so they thought. The central banks, the Bank of Rome, the Bank of England and the eight cartels force their highly corrupt usurious interest rates and tax system upon the free birth rights of some 6 billion people.

The Federalists who were pro central government, did not conceive of this level of tyranny we are in now. Just to give you one example of this government wide corruption, the tax system upon the natural born, sovereign and free state Citizens in America is unconstitutional and fraudulent.

The 16th Amendment was never fully ratified by the then 48 states. They needed 3/4 or 36 states to authorize this amendment for a so called "income tax". Research of each state records has found 12 states did legitimately ratify, 13 states did not ratify and 23 states violated their own state Constitution with miscellaneous errors. Even counting these 23 state as validating with their own constitutional errors AND the 12 states who did legitimately ratify you get only 35 states which is still not the minimum 3/4, i.e. 36 needed.
Even if the 16th was legitimately passed, U.S. Supreme Court rulings have declared the 16th Amendment to be NO CHANGE to the then tax laws, i.e. it is only an indirect tax upon legal fiction corporations NOT a direct tax upon the natural born, sovereign and free state Citizens.
Direct taxes must be apportioned by every man, women and child,
AND then they can only be used during times of grave national emergencies,
AND then they can only be 1/4 to 2% at the most,
AND then their is good evidence they can only be voluntary
Most of the states were against this direct tax treachery
It was snuck in during the conventions
Sales taxes are indirect excise taxes and cannot be rung up directly upon the natural born state Citizens at any level, e.g. state, national, city. They have to be absorb by the corporation and priced as they see fit. Then you decide via competition on the pricing of the product or service you wish to buy.
Property taxes have been ruled in at least 4 high court recent decisions to be unconstitutional.

But all this is ignored by the corrupt political parties at all levels of government. They are dumb as rocks when it comes to protecting our private property including our wages. They invent semantic swindling phrases to take our private and public property for profit and power.

Government elections are only charades. The high office runners are already chosen from a pre-selected list of approved members. You think you are making choices, they think they are going to make lots of money either way.

No one tells you the following
Most of our economic problems could be fixed by eliminating interest rates completely
upon the natural born sovereign and free state CITIZENS
PLUS eliminating direct taxes completely upon the natural born sovereign and free state CITIZENS.
Interest rates are not only usurious they are criminal and unnecessary.
The government is authorized to print gold and silver based redeemable certificates including hard coins of reasonable fractionalized ratios.
The government does not have to pay interest.
They merely print and coin the money and pay the bills and balanced the budget every year.
Even the states could be authorized to print and coin their own state gold & silver certificates
with a central national bureau of weights and standards.
This would generated enough extra to fund the minimum public infrastructure.
Custom duties for border states and the sales and lease of natural resources would also provide enough.
All other systems should be privatized.
And why don't they do this, you may ask?

Memorize your rights, they are yours, NOT Obama's, NOT McCain's.
NO government servant will ever give you these rights
because they are not theirs to give or take away, legitimately.

This is the dirty little secret they don't want you to know.
They have spent trillions dumbing down generations of us,
even killing us,
fencing us in, so we think they somehow have power over us.

Their courts, their liayers, their legislators, their administrators, are all con men and women
They have foisted a massive system of racketeering upon the natural born, sovereign and free state CITIZENS.
This is the same technique government has used for centuries, selective ignoring the basic laws
while they undermine -
our monetary system,
our tax system,
our borders,
our English language,
our fundemental laws,
our courts
our unalienable rights
while they enact more illegitimate takings of our rights

Is this so difficult to understand?
Political choices are worse than NO CHOICES, i.e. ..
Political choices are negative choices, i.e. ..
Political choices are illegitimate takings
upon the natural born, sovereign and free state CITIZENS
This has all been done with state sponsored legislation
Intentionally warring upon the sovereign states and
The sovereign and free state CITIZENS
We have no free choice in America
No free choice is quickly back filled by growing government and nongovernment tyranny
Wake up Americans and learn how to free yourself
No one else will cut the chains that bind you


Jack Venrick
The Boeing Company (retired)
30 Years
Engineering Standards Systems
Facilities Management Systems
Computing Resource Management Systems
Industrial Engineering Systems
Electrical Power Systems
Montana State University
B.S. Electrical Engineering
M.S. Applied Science
Industrial Engineering
Business Administration

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Ted said...

Unavoidable scenario: If SCOTUS disqualifies Obama BEFORE 1/20/09 inauguration, McCain is POTUS per remaining electoral college electors; if SCOTUS disqualifies Obama after 1/20/09 inauguration, Hillary likely becomes POTUS per vote of Dem controlled House of Rep. Either way, is clear Obama will NOT be or remain POTUS.