Wednesday, November 19, 2008

On gay marriage and religion

One does not choose their gender level, one is born with it. a given.
Another given? One can choose how they treat their homosexual or heterosexual neighbor.
Regardless our gender or economic level, religious - political- cultural bent and ethnicity, we should foremost exercise our self-discipline until we’re strong and able enough to never do harm to anyone.
Each of us should learn to use our own so as not to injure another.
Last given? The origin of the definition of marriage comes from a book called the Bible. This book is considered the authority derivative of the scared scriptural foundation (Words from God.) of Judaism and Christianity...which enjoy time honored recognitions as religions.
If one acknowledges separation of church and state, they cannot simultaneously disavow these scared scriptures while asking favor from them.
In other words: One cannot stake the claim God doesn’t exist while asking his blessing of marriage.

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