Thursday, November 13, 2008

Consumption Tax

We just keep marching.
Now we're trying to find someone who has the ear of President Bush. Why? To urge him do an executive order - initiating the end of "income" tax, and transitioning in a fair consumption tax. This would end the divisiveness - class warfare, and the hordes of destruction derived from "income" tax.
"Income" tax is the way the corrupt in both parties retain control over us. Needs to be stopped now!
If Obama reversed the EO, he'd expose his movements true intent.
Particularly if Bush forgave IRS debts for people who earned less than say $200,000 (or what ever Barack's income level du jour), AND gave everyone who earned over that amt 3 years to pay, or something along that line; main thing, you wouldn't want the criminals to escape responsibility.
How could Barack rescind such an enormous gift to good Americans?
There's aprox $300 billion in un-collected taxes. That's less than half what we're gifting Wall St. shikepokes with a free pass, by forgiving their debts.
Why not forgive the IRS debts of Joe and Jane Citizen?
While that won't be "earned" money - the psychological value of being "released" from the shackles of IRS collectors (Did you know the IRS has "outsourced" much debt collection? Our personal information goes into the hands of second/third outside parties.) would be HUGE!!!
They'd use money they'd earmarked to pay CPA's, Atty's etc. and SPEND IT!
The mega-rich wouldn't have to "hide" their money...They too would SPEND IT - and most likely here.
You know the healthy ripple affects born out of "buying goods and services."
What a perfect way to re-vitalize the economy...and...virtually overnight!
Wouldn't that be a grandest Christmas present for Americans?
I could go on and on about the wholesome benefits of a flat - say 17% consumption tax. AND - as savvy as computer kiddos are today - it'd be duck soup to simply have a split sales receipt which would direct the Federal monies straight into the newly revamped IRS. The retailers et al, wouldn't have to do any collecting. It'd all be automatic.
"Income" tax: The umbrella under which all unnecessary problems breed, birth, grow and reek un-welcome havoc on Americans.

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