Monday, October 6, 2008

Lost and Found Departments - by Jack Venrick

To: "Lost And Found Departments" in America

The hard times cycles over and over until we wake up. The current financial model not only does not work, it is highly destructive. These global and national central banking collectivist have propagated a world wide ideology long justifying the taking of our private property, our privacy, our lives and all our sixty plus unalienable rights.

This has all happen under the disguise of "taking care of us". What better way to entrap us, but to offer up a green lollipop. This is a never ending self destructive cycle, by those who are so desperate for power, using those who are so desperate for hand outs.

This collectivist agenda now justifies stealing private property under any circumstances or reasons, e.g.
to educate your children
to convert our traditional way of life & traditional towns into urban playgrounds for the elite
to loan out worthless credit to an already over extended family and bank
to control land owners
to control homeowners
to control their vehicles
to control all their unalienable rights
to convert your rights into their privileges
manage your "growth"
manage your "safety"
manage your "health"
manage your "quality" of life
manage the water table
manage the weather
manage the fish, fowl & beasts
This is a pathological sickness that is so contagious and deadly, it kills civilizations, in relative short order. A handful of global central banking families using fear based tactics and backroom power politics have cornered American state and individual sovereignty long ago.

The entire taxing system in America is fraudulent, unconstitutional, uncommon & unnatural.
This tyrannical tax taking steals our most scared treasures, i.e. our private property and family,
This taking has been established over 232 years, to usurp our individual and state sovereignty.
These super elite central banking families orchestrated word changes in our constitution as well as
Stampeded the urban colonials into a fear based bums rush choices
Whereby they rigged the votes, colonial style, for the constitution.
More coming on this later.

This current fraudulent taking in the secondary loan market is only one of uncountable cycles of corruption in our history. The good news perhaps falling out of this debauchery, is more Americans, Canadians, Australians, English can better see the source of the problem through this treasonous bailout, i.e. CON..gress and the eight global central banking cartels.

Anyone who thinks their political party or some Supreme Court is going to save the country or make a "difference", has not connected all the dots of taking yet. All of the senators "men" and all of the representatives "women" and all of the "supreme courts of the land cannot put "Humpty Dumpty" back together again.

These artificial bodies of government and legal fiction municipal corporation creations have no jurisdiction in our private life.
They cannot invent artificial political labels to cloak our natural God given rights.
They cannot "zone" you, ticket you, license you, fine you, code you, buffer you, label you or permit your private property.
They cannot tell you how to build your house, manage your land, educate your children, drive your vehicles, etc.
These are all illegitimate, unconstitutional, unethical, immoral takings and taxing upon your sovereignty and power.
Only money, power, force and tyranny perpetuate this sickness.
We were not given these certain unalienable rights by any magic parchment written by prophetic Framers or groups of elite Federalist or Anti-Federalist or globalist or central bankers.

The Framers limited the central general government on paper, not the free born.
The Constitution limits government and their employees ONLY.
They now have us "confused" as their employee and 92% of the people are confused they are employed by the government.
Our rights are self endowed by the Maker and gifted directly to YOU by Him
Our unalienable rights are natural and cannot be taken in any form or color.
No judge, jury, legislature, non government unelected body, executive, council, mayor, government or corporation employee can touch you or your private property including your wages.
Of course the dark side doesn't think that way
The cities, counties, states and federal employee are delusional & megalomaniacs

The American model of freedom is not just up side down and backwards,
it is an illegitimate conception of what was originally intended
The spirit of freedom in this new land was so great that it could not be contained in a clear thought form,
let alone on parchment
The definition of "freedom" was up for grabs, literally following the American Revolution
And grab they did.

Short Historical Perspective
Those who orchestrated a strong central government (Federalist) worse nightmares have come true.
Those who did not want a Consolidated "Constitutional" Republic, predictions have come true
Those against this present form of a central consolidated republic wanted a Confederation of Republics
They compromised in part, with the Bill of Rights and some other structural realignments of a central government
At least one third of the Constitutional Convention "delegates" knew there was no way this was going to work,
to them, a far off central general government could not deal with such a geographically huge territory.
they still had the bitter taste of tyrannical tax taking and usurping of their every right

You may as well have tried to rewrite the Constitution or written a new Constitution after the Great Depression in 1929. President Franklin Roosevelt tried to do this in a back door fashion. He subverted the laws of the land to "rescue" the "unemployed" and "starving" people
using the depression to ram through his unconstitutional changes. This is the equivalent of holding a child hostage and never allowing them to grow up. The government is not authorized nor has it any jurisdiction in our private affairs. The federal government has no jurisdiction in any of the states, the adhesion contracts be dammed. They too are illegitimate and unconstitutional.

The states must throw off all these federal entanglements and go back to very basic limited governments funded ONLY by indirect taxes and the sale and lease of state natural resources.

There is nothing in any of the original founding papers that authorize the present form of criminal taking of private property or our rights or the incursion of any level of government perversion into our personal sanctuaries.
The intent of the proponents of a central government were clear on this originally during the Constitutional Conventions,
that no direct taxes be laid under any circumstances except in extreme state emergencies and
even then they were gravely concerned of this power.
Many walked out of the conventions when they saw the elite factions, in the then few big cities,
trying to abscond with more power than they were authorized to do so.
More coming on this.

American government and those who use and abuse it are playing a very dangerous game. They are drunk with the intoxicant of taking for so long. They are addicted to perverted thinking they can invent fiction public policy and civil rights to take unalienable rights. They are too drunk to reason, no ability to understand, no idea that every bill, law, act and order they pass is a taking of our most cherished rights.

In order to find our way back home to freedom again, we must clearly see where we are.
First we need to see the whole truth.
The truth has been buried for over 232 years.
Americans have been drug into caves by the state,media and globalist, whereby the light of day has been shut out.
We have lost our sight living in this darkness for so long.
We have been robbed, raped and slowly gone blind to the truth
92% of Americans are still blind of their own freedom.
8% know the whole truth. (thanks Pat for this number)

The dark side believes there is no free choice or free will, or at best, free choice is conditional to their conditions.

It is imperative we crawl out of these caves of smoke & mirrors, created to deceive & dehumanize us and wake up our countryside. Once some small critical mass of us wake up, the house of smoke of mirrors will transform into a house of cards.

Sadly, America was once held together by free choice, now it is held together by fear and force.
There are 20,000 some regulations and laws on just the 2nd Amendment.
There are probably much more on private property, certainly when you include the illegitimate and unconstitutional tax code misapplied upon our wages.
The high courts rulings clearly stating you cannot tax wages, or private property or apply sales taxes directly upon private Citizens as they currently are, yet this is all ignored to feed the beast in CON..gress which in turn feed the central banking cartel beasts.
The beast grazes on our private property without our permission.
They devour our private property through many different heads on the same tail.

We have innocent rural property owners going to jail & prison, visits by the Department of Tyranny for contrived charges, thousands of illegitimate tickets issued to rural property owners by city based environmental gangsters, District and Superior court judges setting unconstitutional extreme bail bonds on innocent property owners while completely ignoring the fundemental laws of the land and of the state. There is a clear agenda to crucify rural private property owners using the UN Agenda 21. This is the torture that is being incited and perpetuated by our mobacracy while they turn a blind eye and pretend it is for the good of all and the good of the land.

Wake up one person each day or week or month. Give them some material or an email or a web site of someone in the freedom movement you respect and tell them their life is now in danger and their private property has been effectively and completely stolen and destroyed.

One man awake, awakens another, The second man wakens his next door neighbor, And three awake can rouse the town, and turn the whole place upside down. And many awake can raise such a fuss, That it finally awakens the rest of us. One man up with dawn in his eyes - multiplies
Lawrence Tribble

Jack Venrick
Enumclaw, Washington

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