Saturday, October 11, 2008

Letter to Members of the party of Barack Hussein Obama

Dear Members of Obama’s party,
Just because I choose not to follow your leader, please stop being so compelled to send me stuff from people including Garrison Keillor, Alec Baldwin, Arianna Huffington, Bill Maher, Barbra Streisand and Michael Moore.
Their snide comments and regurgitations of their Bush hatred mantra’s will never build in me a desire to follow your leader, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.
These arrogant pseudo-intellects remind me of many self-proclaimed geniuses I know, who, in their complete disconnect from us common Joe & Jane Citizen’s, have no regard as to how utterly destructive their aura of influence is.
For example, the one time-make-you-roll-on-the-floor-with-laughter, Garrison Keillor now brings cringes... and questions as to his motive. Today, I find his kind of humor not funny.
Putting one down does not make for lifting up another.
Time’s up on your ridicule of applicant John McCain for the job of president of the United States of America.
Great Democrats, Republicans, Independents, conservatives, Libertarians, and liberals, agree McCain’s pretty much a "hold your nose and vote for" candidate. But, there’s not one hint McCain will generate massive crimes against humanity like your chosen one, Barack Hussein Obama, shows promise of doing.
We are conjoining to face off the insidious Marxist/communist/fascist movement that your leader Barack Hussein Obama fronts.
Fact. Knowing your Barack Obama movement is a new party that bears zero resemblance to us honest, hard-working, life sacrificing Democrats, Republicans, Independents, conservatives, Libertarians and liberals, gives us plenty of reason to work non-partisan and diligently!
If you want to see how your new party will work and the results it may gain, look back at the countries Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung, Lenin, Hirohito, Ho Chi Minh and Saddam Hussein reigned over.
If you don’t get smart today, and join us in pre-inoculating America against the spread of Obama’s infectious disease, the mortality rate will be insurmountable.
Even though I don't have a college education, no fancy tagline (like Doc, Atty, Prof, Pres/CEO) on my name, am bi-lingually illiterate (can not speak in two languages), no claim to fame or fortune, I can still see right through your leader, Barack Hussein Obama.
It grieves me deeply to know you not only can't see through him, but invite in and CHEER on his party’s takeover quest of America.. Just because you’ve never been raped (i.e. had your land and water stolen.) by Obama's gang, doesn't give you the right to tell those of us who have been; "Oh, I don't `agree' with you about your rape." This arrogant patronizing by you Obama elitists is more than cold-hearted cruelty.
Then with your continuing compassion of a cold steel blade, you ridicule, denigrate, spit on, and pat us rape victims on the head while saying, "scoot along now and be good little boys and girls." Anyone who votes for Barack Obama is either grossly stupid (and shouldn't vote at all), thinks they'll be ever exempt from rape, knowingly wants his party's regime, or simply get their jollies by running with the rapists. I no longer have time to try and educate you rabid followers of Barack Hussein Obama; for though I’ve asked you repeatedly, you refuse to provide any thing that qualifies him for position of president of the United States of America. Instead, you dole out smears on the other applicants. This tells me Obama has no qualifications for you to tout.
Now. I’ve got to get back to work. Vaccine enough to keep my neighbors from harms way, must be readied.
I pray you’ll see the truth and facts in time to join with us Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, conservatives and liberals, in our non-partisan efforts to stop Barack Hussein Obama’s party.
Thank you,
Roni Bell

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