Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Am A Socialism Survior...Thus Far

I Am A Socialism Survivor…Thus Far
Today I’m surrounded by a culture that demands inhibition of debate on life threatening politics, and encourages exhibitionism of sexual intimacies.When telling what socialism can do to me, people arch an eyebrow and scold, “I do not want to talk politics.”This is akin to turning a deaf ear to a friend who needs to talk about their cancer; or ignoring a doctors advise on a diet you need to stay alive.I’ve seen evil and can spot it instantly. Trust me, socialism is the father of evil. Its threat of danger is bigger than anything, a tsunami, blizzard, locusts, drought, earthquake, and it is marching down my field with dead aim at me.Why is socialism marching down my field? Because I am your country. I am America.For over two hundred years, I’ve protected your rights; the rights of you my country men and women, to own the land and water you use to produce food, fuel, timber, fish, minerals and more.The main component of socialism is government ownership of all land and water, and they’re marching down my field to steal it from you.One good study of socialism is The Nature Conservancy movement. This Nature Conservancy group has partnered with your own federal government, and other governments world wide, in executing veiled, circuitous ingenious and friendly ways to take control of private land, water and incomes. Socialism is a grave disease. If its symptoms are ignored, it grows uncontrollably into malignant states including fascism and communism. It is an abnormal condition of a social organism that impairs a country’s function and health by breaking down its structure. Although one can detect it through associations with specific symptoms and signs, those signs have been ignored. Why? Through elected representatives, my local governments have protected the freedoms of its citizens by a communications arrangement that connects with the federal government. These communications are key components essential to maintaining my borders; borders intended not only stop a federal outgrowth, but to stop global infestation of ideology foreign and dangerous to me.For the past several years, communications between public servants and those they serve, have broken down. Federal and foreign governments have begun to jump my borders and spread into local communities where they are overwhelming my local systems. I need your help today. Helping me survive will help you too! I’ve outlined some quick measures you can take, that will stop an outbreak of socialism in me. Right now there’s an election for president of my United States. Many candidates are campaigning. But one is a strong carrier of the disease socialism. His name is Barack Obama. He and his socialistic movement intends to finish me off.You must stop him. How? Vote for any other candidate but him. But then you must immediately get involved in local politics. This will boast your community’s first line of defense through control and limitation of federal government growth.Thereon you must learn to recognize socialism and sustain a vigilance against its common demonstrations that include: Un-wieldy welfare programs; stingy national defense and infrastructure budgets; universal health care; redistribution of wages earned; government vs. private ownership of land and water; government mandates on purchase of products such as insurance, animal I.D., union memberships, educational programs.Review newspapers, music, movies, television and radio programming, and block socialist elements from entering your home. Memorize the guidebook that was set up to sustain my health. Called the Constitution of the United States of America, it was assembled by a group of wise men who brought into being...your Republic.
A Republic: A safe place to form and maintain a more independent and perfect government, establish justice, provide for common defense and honor the rights of man to acquire, possess and protect property, and defend their lives and liberties. Barack Obama and his carriers of socialism, have a plan to kill your Republic by planting disease cells of socialism in my body of people.After reading this, I pray you’ll be able to recognize this plan and crush it once and for all.I’m a socialism survivor…thus far. Please don’t re-expose me to it, for that would mean my certain death.If you do not like me, please don't destroy me. Move out of me to whichever country you believe will serve your wants, and let me live on.
God speed with love,
Your America
Roni Bell © 2008

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