Tuesday, July 21, 2009


By Jim Beers

The United States of America is (are?) now being ruled by a self-serving ruling class. Like ancient European aristocracies, Asian ruling families, African chieftain families, and South American civilization rulers before them; current American rulers (President and Congress et al) are consolidating all existing power in their own hands by the raw exercise of legislation enforced by unrestrained government workers.
This increasingly absolute power of the Federal government is being created from two sources:
First, are the stolen "self evident" "truths" mentioned in The Declaration of Independence regarding "all Men" as "endowed" by "their Creator" and therefore described as "unalienable Rights". These individual "Rights" are increasingly seen as grants of government; for example I refer you to the latest Supreme Court nominee's refusal to recognize that any of us has the "right" to protect our own Life, i.e. the first "Right" mentioned in The Declaration as in "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness".
Second, are the myriad stolen "powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited to it by the States" that "are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people" as stated in the 10th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Examples of stolen State "powers" range from ultimate authority over lands owned by federal agencies (almost ½ the landmass) and animal use proscriptions to public works standards and so-called educational requirements. Examples of stolen "powers" of the "people" are elimination of parental control of their own children regarding birth control, same-sex encouragement, and abortion to gun control, suppression of free speech, and "equality" for all Americans.
Like ruling classes down through history (Pharaohs, Caesar, Napoleon, Ivan the Terrible, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Mugabe, Chavez, etc.), a determined leader surrounds himself (is the masculine case permissible in this historically accurate instance??) with a clique of like-minded individuals that expect to benefit from the creation of an absolute authority over others. This "clique" or ruling class consists not only of the visible second rung of rulers around the Supreme Leader but also of the always much larger mob of often unnoticed bureaucrats and enforcers whose job and position depends on the ruling class and its continued strength.
While more often than not the emergence of absolute ruling authorities wielded by a ruling class is the result of violence; the emerging absolute federal authority in The United States of America is seemingly emerging, thus far, as a result of three things:
First is the growing portion of the population (almost 50 %) that does not pay any income taxes. This has given rise to the mistaken notion by many that some magical phenomenon like voting into office politicians that always promise you "more" can sustain itself. This gives rise to the ancient canard that there is only so much wealth and that only by taking it from others can we prosper. This lie is as "old as the hills" and as false as a "moon made of green cheese".
Second, the explosion of unmarried couples "living together without benefit of matrimony", children born out of wedlock, fatherless families, small families (few brothers and sisters), same-sex lifestyles, single "professionals" (especially women), and "environmental" "religious" pronouncements that there are "too many people" have all combined to create a society of lonely and despairing individuals. If there is "no one to take care of me" the allure of promised government health care, prohibited unhealthy diets, enforced "green" lifestyles, bureaucratically designed "sharing the wealth" programs, etc. combine to offer the "only" hope if illness, old age, or hard times occurs. Somehow the lifestyle of Russians under communism has been marketed as preferable to the USA of the past 220 years.
Third is the cynical manipulation of "science" and "equality" by the ruling class to bamboozle American citizens into ignoring Ben Franklin's truism made in 1755 (more than twenty years before the Revolution) that "Those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
Consider a few current examples of such manipulations by an electorate behaving as though the lessons of history no longer apply to us:
- Health Care is to be made a federal program wherein bureaucrats will control costs and make it widely available to all. As if the costs will not be astronomical, and specialists will not disappear (no longer profitable), and new drugs and devices will no longer be developed (lack of return on the investment), and workers will no longer work long hours for less pay, and we will not begin seeing doctors like the 3 "British" doctors from Pakistan and Syria that tried to blow up or burn down the Scottish airport, and as if prominent "rulers" from Ted Kennedy to Senator Byrd will "get in line" with the rest of us and abide by some bureaucrat's ruling that they are "too old" for certain treatments or that they should just "take a pain pill" as former "ruler" Tom Daschle recommends.
-Life is being marginalized still further by government financing of foreign abortions, funding abortions throughout the USA, and forcing all doctors and nurses to perform abortions. The lives of the elderly and disabled children will be further endangered by bureaucrats wielding life-and-death authority over treatments based on government "costs" and "quality of life" "regulations". Simultaneously, domestic and wild animals are to be "given rights" and elevated in status compared to humans so that human uses will be eliminated as human life is denigrated and made subservient to human government's "ruling class".
- Abundant energy resources are ignored and the American economy is starved for affordable power as we bemoan "paying for foreign oil" and tout unproven and totally inadequate alternatives as realistic. All the while our dollar drops in relative value and jobs and tax revenues disappear. The inevitable resulting jump in energy costs for everyone is ignored, denied, and accepted by a gullible electorate expecting other free benefits elsewhere.
- Global "cooling" of the 70's and 80's is morphed into global "warming" of the past 15 years and then into "climate change" as inarguable reasons (actually they are extreme contradictions) for signing international treaties and forcing domestic federal control over all human activities based on "Carbon" creation! Has there ever been as absurd a "science" claim and a resulting national acquiescence to forced submission to absolute authority? In a world where dinosaurs roamed in jungles extending to the Poles and recent glaciers scarred the land, dose anyone really believe that Dust Bowls and hot trends and cool trends are the result of recent activities? Does anyone really believe that "Carbon" "causes" warming, cooling or climate change? Has the world climate ever been stable or ought it to be? Does anyone really believe that human adjustment results are either knowable or that they could influence, much less override, the impacts of sunspots and historic worldwide weather factors? Finally, how can anyone propose with a straight face that giving an all-powerful absolute authority more power and money could somehow result in predictable and stable weather that may in and of itself for the first time ever (if such were even possible) result in greatly unforeseen and unknown negative effects? It would all be too funny if it were not such a deadly serious tool of those expecting to benefit from associating with an (in their opinion) inevitable ruling class.
- There is the "tax the rich" cry behind all of these prohibitively expensive proposals while the unavoidable impacts on reduced businesses, reduced investing, and economic decline by making business or wealth a liability (unless you are part of the ruling class) is denied.
- Defense and intelligence programs are diminished publicly as Al Qaeda and similar terror groups grow, as Iran proceeds to join North Korea in using nuclear weapons as a deadly bargaining chip, as Russia renews claims on lost Soviet "Republics", and as Cuba and Venezuela are encouraged by diplomacy that seems to have no real interest in protecting America. This function, to "provide for the common defense" is arguably the premiere reason given in the Preamble of The Constitution of the United States of America why "We the People" did "ordain and establish this Constitution of the United States of America. If the federal government cannot or will not defend us, what need have we of them?
- Government forms from job applications to contract bids and Census forms require "race" and "sex" classification identifiers as necessary to hire, award contracts, determine receivers of government largesse, and to permit race and sex pandering for votes by ruling class members seeking to maintain lifetime positions and even to pass on their positions and comparable positions to family members and collaborators. How does this square with being "created equal"?
What are we to make of all these contradictions?
- Constitutional wording ignored as in government gun control and creation of invisible words to assert a "right to privacy" as in Roe v. Wade.
- National defense diminished in a dangerous world while silly science like climate change, "native ecosystems", and "endangered species" is used to force submission to a more powerful central government.
- Taxing and debt growth that has everywhere caused economic decline and citizen oppression justified by vilifying those that pay taxes to those that pay no taxes.
What is the answer? The only peaceful hope is to rid ourselves of this permanent ruling class. That means voting them out of office in no uncertain terms. To do this, we must find worthy replacements committed to freedom and not to a career as a lifetime politician.
As I have said before, the only viable role model today is Governor Palin. Whether or not you agree with her politics, it is American citizens like her that are needed to step forward. We need citizens that, like her, admit to working with either party or others that are committed to rectifying what is happening today. We need fearless politicians like her that can turn their back when they feel it is best and not just do what others want them to do. We need men and women, young and old, like Governor Palin that will stand up to the entrenched rulers in both parties and we need them before it is too late.
There is a humorous and historic ring to all these media mavens, Republican "insiders", and Democrat "analysts" decrying her "lack of experience" and her "need for education" on all the "technicalities" of modern government.
Remember two things:
None of the Founding Fathers were "experienced" politicians and their "Declaration of Independence" and "Constitution" exceeded any comparable documents in human history. What they had was common sense, a sound education, and commitment just like Governor Palin.
Just as "patriotism" is often the last refuge of scoundrels, so too is the "need for education" the only way professional bureaucrats and politicians (the ruling class) have of denying "outsiders" any traction to create reforms. Prior to 1867, only one in five adult males in England and Wales could vote. The Representation of the People Act of 1867 enfranchised all male householders that included the urban working class. Commenting on the passage of this revolutionary (for England and Wales at this time) bill, the Chancellor of the Exchequer Robert Lowe, Viscount Sherbrooke (a "ruling class" guy if ever there was one) said that regarding the working masses there was now a need to "educate" them sufficiently "if they are to perform worthily their task of governing".
Shades of Governor Sarah Palin!

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