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Feds Now Defining Toilet Paper? Gore's home state breaks 1897 cold record - Congressman faces angry voters on climate vote - Nobel Winner Wishes for 'horrid things' to convince skeptics - July 20., 2009
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GOP Rep. Mike Castle (DE) faces angry voters over his support of climate bill: 'I can't understand for the life of me how you could be one of the GOP traitors!' - 'Booed by crowd when he says he believes in man-made global warming'
400 protesters say no to Congressional climate bill in W. VA: 'I love the climate just the way it is'
Have we reached bottom? Congressman proposes legislation calling on fed agency to define toilet paper! - 'Term 'toilet tissue' means toilet tissue, as determined under regulations prescribed by the Secretary'
'Find ways to exaggerate': Nobel Prize-winning economist wishes for 'tornadoes' and 'a lot of horrid things' to convince Americans of global warming threat!
Excerpt: I sometimes wish that we could have, over the next five or ten years, a lot of horrid things happening -- you know, like tornadoes in the Midwest and so forth -- that would get people very concerned about climate change.
NYT movie critic suggests mankind 'does not deserve to live anyway' if we don't heed global warming warnings!
Summer Cold Breaks 1897 Temp Record in Gore's Home State -- Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga Set Or Tie Record Lows
Excerpt: NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Cool weather that led to record low temperatures will take its time leaving Tennessee. Nashville dropped to 59 degrees early Monday and Knoxville bottomed out at 60 degrees -- both tying records for the date. Nashville's high temperature on Sunday was 77 degrees, a record low for a high temperature on July 19. The previous record was 79 degrees set in 1897. The National Weather Service reported the temperature in Chattanooga dipped to 59 degrees Monday morning, eclipsing the previous record for the date of 60 degrees, set in 1947. Early Sunday morning, the Tri-Cities set a new low for the date, reaching 54 degrees and breaking the old record of 55 degrees, set in 1984.
Farmers reject global warming: 'We like more CO2, because then our crops grow and we have food to eat'
'Media has created too much hype just for nothing'
Video: Climatologist Christy on 'the Morality of Climate Change'
Omaha breaks 1873 cold record during Summer
Co-author Markey of climate bill: 'We must bring soaring temperatures from global warming back to normal'
U.S. Summer Chill: '868 Lowest Max temps and 651 Low temps recorded for week of July 19'
Michigan sweet corn, tomato crop delayed because of cold - 'We are having to close the windows because it's too cold outside. I still haven't run the ac yet this year'
Peoria ties 1892 cold temp record
Connecticut: Unseasonably cold spring leads to smaller crops -- 'big challenge to farmers'
Global Sea Level Updated at UC - still flattening -- 'maybe slight DOWNTREND since 2006'
Claim: Ancient map of 1531 Disproves Global Warming
Parts of Michigan break 1914 cold temp records
'Global Tropical Cyclone energy nearing record low levels of inactivity - lowest in 50-years'
Minnesota: Cold prompts 'sudden influx of mice indoors' -- Sweaters in summer? Jackets in July?
Summer Cold Breaks 1897 Temp Record in Gore's Home State
Minnesota: Cold prompts 'sudden influx of mice indoors' -- Sweaters in summer? Jackets in July?
'Unseasonably cold temps' create 'hungrier than usual' bears in Canada
Quiet Sun: 'Sun has gone back to blank after having had just one sunspot group'
'Hiatus between Solar Cycle 23 and the next cycle is unprecedented in nearly a 100 years'
Another cool summer day for Chicago -- challenges 85 year old cold temp record
Climate Fear Promoter slams Climate Depot! Morano has 'abandoned intellectual integrity' by highlighting record cold temps - 'As soon are you start listing how cold it was in Idaho or India...You lose the only thing that science really has -- honesty' -- 'Rachel Carson didn't win by playing their game'
NYC breaks 'Summer cool' streak: '46 consecutive days without reaching 85° - longest since 1916'
Record cold hits the tropics
U.S. Navy Atmospheric Scientist: 'Dire warnings about 'runaway warming' and climate 'tipping points' cannot be taken seriously' - 'As history has often shown, consensus is the last refuge of poor science'
Minnesota: No lie about July; we're about to take the high out of high -- may break 1939 cold record
Meteorologist says man not cause of climate issue: 'We could very well be headed for a cool period'
Wisconsin set to see coldest July day since 1900
Nebraska Cold Weather: 'Two-thirds of the cedars died over the winter'
N. Dakota farmer on Cold July: 'Gore should be out here and tell us about this global warming stuff'
NASA GISS reports June is 2nd warmest month after only 1998
UK: 'Is it always so cold in July?'
Not so peachy: Ohio cold snap takes bite out of local peach harvest
Kenya: Cold weather in tea growing areas is expected to cut production
Brrrrr. Canadian fed up with July's 'unseasonably cold nights with heavy frost'
'If this is what we can expect of global warming then it might be wise to hang on to our long John's'
'Weather continues to run unseasonably cool...concern over delayed crops and possibility of frost damage on corn'
Rain and cool weather wash away millions of tourism dollars in Northeast
Scientist: 'Cooling earth temps may last a couple of decades'
Moment of Clarity: 'If we don't understand what is natural, I don't think we can say much about what the humans are doing'
NYC fails to reach 85°F in June - first time since 1916
New Yorkers ask: 'Wherefort art thou, summer?'
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