Wednesday, July 22, 2009


By Ron Ewart

Never, in all of our 70 plus years, have we seen the country so riled up! Never have we heard so much anger in people's voices and in their written messages, as we see today. Never have we seen so many normal, hard-working, responsible Americans take to the streets in tea parties and other forms of protest, to express their anger at what government has done and is doing. Never have we seen so many different solutions to re-claiming our freedom, with many of those solutions based on the simple application of the foundation of our liberty ..... the constitution. The word "Revolution", is uttered quietly amongst some of the more hot-headed types, whose rising emotional frustration has transcended reason and logic.
Some might say it is a terrible, if not a frightening sight. On the other hand we say it is liberating, encouraging and uplifting. This rising anger we are witnessing, is a free country waking up from a deep, deep sleep and it is a sign that critical mass is approaching and approaching rapidly.
Government, who has increased their power over us exponentially over the last 100 years, is beginning to lose confidence in that power. Their hurried actions and the overt use of "dire emergencies", demonstrate that decreasing confidence. They are beginning to FEAR the people, as well they should. They are lying to the people, even more than usual. Cracks are forming in their demeanor and their attacks on the people are increasing, as one of their defenses against rising opposition to their insane laws and unsustainable economic policies.
Politicians are rushing to get unconstitutional laws passed before the people can digest what is in them, but worse, they are passing this foul legislation without even reading it. In government's headlong rush to greater power and control over our lives, more people are waking up and saying not NO, but HELL NO!
Obama, the catalyst to critical mass, is in trouble. His outright socialist agenda is being pried open like a tin can and examined by increasing numbers of skeptical "eyes". His National Health Care proposal is facing increasing opposition and will probably be given the deep six in the next several weeks. Cap and trade legislation is being exposed for what it is, Cap and Con, as is the fraud that is man-caused global warming. As the skepticism rises, other legislation is coming under additional scrutiny as well. Some of us (this author included) saw right through this flim-flam man from the beginning and predicted this would happen.
But what is even more encouraging is the move by state legislatures to distance themselves from the Feds, by passing resolutions declaring their sovereignty under the 9th and 10th Amendments. Montana has declared its state to be a FED-FREE zone regarding the citizens right to keep and bear arms. Other states, like Tennessee, are following suit. More states will jump on the bandwagon soon.
The infallibility and authority of a county sheriff under constitutional law, is showing a new resurgence. Supreme Court decisions have upheld the sheriff's absolute authority within his jurisdiction, including showing the FEDS the door, if they should trespass on that jurisdiction. Heroes, like Sheriff Mack, challenged the Federal Government on his authority and was vindicated by the U. S. Supreme Court.
Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., in a recent article, made a powerful suggestion that freedom could be reclaimed by a conversion of one state at a time, to constitutional principles. He outlined six (6) basic steps to accomplish his plan. We think it is a brilliant plan and has a huge chance of success. You can view the article and his plan at:
"Americans For Constitutional Enforcement", another freedom group, has developed a somewhat different plan, also showing promise. You can view their website at:
Walt Myers' group, "To Tame A Tyrant", has also put forth concrete solutions to undo what has been done for the last 100 years. You can view his website at:
Our organization, the National Association of Rural Landowners, is working to unite and excite the rural landowners of America, who are being asked to bear almost the entire burden of environmental protection, while their city brethren (mostly liberals and Obama voters) are getting off virtually scot-free. Needless to say, rural landowners are growing more angry by the day, as they learn of the environmentalist's unconstitutional plan for their land.
These are just a few of the groups that are increasing in numbers and offering solutions to the powerful enemy we face ..... rising government tyranny. There are many more, but too numerous to mention here.
Yes folks, critical mass is approaching and soon the Feds will be rapidly back-peddling, as more and more of the 545 people who think they run this country, come face to face with an angry Consent of the Governed who DO run this country, and those 545 people won't like what they see. We will reclaim our freedom, as more and more proud Americans unite as one and we reach necessary critical mass.
The right of the people to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness, the irrevocable gift from their creator, shall not be infringed. At critical mass, we will make sure these rights are not infringed. Government should be afraid, very afraid, as the people approach the event horizon to critical mass, where the power of the people will overwhelm the intransigence and arrogance of government tyranny.
"Government only responds to the rising collective voices of millions of Americans who demand that government stay within its constitutional limits. No other power, short of armed revolution, will have any affect on them. If you don't care, neither do they and their power rises accordingly. That is exactly the "State of the Union" today."

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The word "Revolution", is uttered quietly amongst some of the more hot-headed types

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