Saturday, March 28, 2009


By Sharon Shaare

Since 1972 I have owned a custom saddle manufacturing business. We make all kinds of western and endurance equipment with one of the most precise fitting systems in the industry.
Our attention to detail affecting performance has caused International interest in our products, with about 30% of what we make going overseas...we now have saddles in 20 Countries...
I have traveled to most of these Countries to see what folks needed...and of course have become acquainted with our customers.
In Europe our saddles are in England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Italy, and now Russia.
As I visit with those folks, I have NEVER heard ONE of them say they like the European Union...They feel they have lost far more than they have gained.
When legislation comes up that they might like to have a voice in, the edict comes
down from "above"...the EU.
They have lost control of their borders, crime has increased because the
ability to escape has been improved with no border to stop criminals...and the individuality of the Countries is mushed together...
If folks think this North American Union we are heading into will be of any advantage
to the American Middle Class, they are dead wrong. The fat cats may come out winners, like the AIG elite, but the people who make this Country work, the Middle
Class will be the big losers.
Canadian Natural Resources will be looted with Mexican labor while US residents will be left dealing with the crime and costs related to absorbing a corrupt third world population...and...we will be taxed into oblivion to pay for it.
Sharon Saare 3/28/09


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