Monday, March 23, 2009


By Bob Fanning

How many hundred billions in credit default swaps did London / Wilton, Ct. based AIG F.P {Citi, Bear, Lehman, GM, GE etc.} derivatives traders sell foreign banks and hedge funds in off shore tax havens with banking secrecy laws representing ; Rockefeller ,Kissinger,Rubin,Frank, Dodd, Clinton, Obama, Pelosi , Reid, Greenspan, Schumer etc .that they now own in their personal accounts?
Are the CDS payments ongoing?
Are AIG bonuses hush monies to hide the identities of those 'counter-parties'?
Why hasn't Congress held formal investigations to differentiate true CDS hedgers from predatory speculators operating on insider knowledge ?
America is only as sick as these "secrets".
America can only become a tyrannical Oligarchy as long as these "secrets" are protected by ; Obama,congress, regulators and the financial press.

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