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Following is an un-edited exchange between Paul Hiatt and Jack Venrick.
Think you can't be jailed for not? Think again.

Jack -
February 2009
I'm trusting your judgment to send it wherever you think it may do some good, but am asking you don't send it to hostile leftist green main stream media as opposed to conservative sources like talk radio or whatever. I sure wish I could go to that rally tomorrow and speak to folks, but I truly must work, as I have work right now and it is about survival if they throw me in jail the end of this month like they want to.
On the Motion For Sanctions, Jack, that is basically two pages of 12 type with large borders, if you subtract the double spacing, and needs to be read in entirety by anyone interested in the case, most especially Evergreen folks or the like. It is easily understandable that is straight forward documentation that the District Court and prosecutor tried to throw me in jail to silence me again, this time in direct violation of a supreme court order, as part of a continuing pattern, which is also documented there, and stinks to high heaven. Judge Kenworthy is threatening to throw me in jail for contempt again for relying in good faith on the Supreme Court order staying proceedings in that court, (not going to jail January 31 when he sent me a bogus summons), when HE and Prosecutor Rose are the ones in contempt. It also covers that they are planning to make me serve time I already have, (33 days), illegally, and are imposing punishments the law strictly prohibits for a misdemeanor, concerning my property. Interestingly, I am informed it will be heard by a "different department" than the judges hearing my motion to modify, which is certainly disappointing because those deciding whether my case will be reviewed should get to see the extent of the corruption I am up against in Pierce County. That is the whole story of this case.
On the motion to modify, I am still trying to get heard, because the commissioner up there said no, my issues have no merit, when they do. The issues before them now are:
The District Courts don't have jurisdiction of cases at law involving title and possession of real property, under our state Constitution, but they tried mine there over objection, in a sham trial with no witnesses permitted for the defense, and all exculpatory evidence barred. They illegally seized the property, they have encumbered the deed, they have take without compensation, but they claim the case doesn't involve real property. This is an issue of broad public interest.
The wetlands code charged is unconstitutional as applied. First it is ex post facto, because there were no wetlands when I did the work, and there were no wetlands when I went to trial, they designated them illegally after my conviction for wetlands violations. Further, the work I did is specifically exempted from the wetlands codes, and is exempt under DNR regs. Remember that the county gave me their map on day one showing no wetlands with right about 300'. There are a number of constitutional issues, but they are more complex.
They violated the statute of limitations in bringing charges against me, and they unlawfully amended the complaint many times after that, including at trial after the state rested, then gave the jury "to convict" instructions misrepresenting, adding to, and changing what was actually in the complaint, (the elements of the crime), to obtain a conviction by deceiving the jury.
They presented a case in chief at trial which was the poisonous fruit of an illegal search warrant, after refusing to quash that warrant, and after agreeing they would not.
I have proved upside down and backwards they violated speedy trial rule, requiring reversal of the conviction.
I have proof of prosecutorial misconduct which requires reversal.
There are many more issues in my Petition For Review, but the upshot is this thing is required by their own case law, our statutes, and Constitution to be reversed many times over, and I can't get heard so far, because they are determined to punish me for refusing to contract my deed rights away, give them as much of my property as they decide they want without just compensation, and pay extortion to use my own property, when I'm not doing anything there which requires permits in the first place.
Thanks Jack.

Paul Hiatt's update:

This is Paul Hiatt's update and recap of the continuing green madness going on in Pierce County Washington , especially their kangaroo court system. He has already served 60 days in jail and his life ruined, for merely cleaning out his ditches and burning slash. Now the vendictive Pierce PA office and District court system want more blood. Please note his summary below and recent court documents attached above. His appeals up to the Washington State Supreme court have been denied. Paul is clearly being railroaded.
He has documented uncountable court corruption, e.g. procedural and basic law violations, denial of critical information to him and to the jury, manipulation of the dates for a speedy trial, violation of the statute of limitations, serious over stepping of jurisdiction by the court, breaching of the fundemental rights of owning private property, prejudicial intent, prosecutorial premeditation and prosecutorial misrepresentation and misconduit, personal court green vendettas, court abuse of the hated English Common Law "contempt" charge, excessive bail, excessive delays, excessive punishment, denial of due process and tortous treatment as a political prisoner all on trumped up green charges that are clouded at best.

More information may be found on Paul's case and other assaulted property owners at - http://www.freedomforallseasons.org/EmbattledPropertyOwnerStoriesNew.dwt.asp.

Let us all at least pray for Paul and his family for a miracle to save him and US from this insane tyrannical and needless war upon the natural born, sovereign and free state Citizens.
Our militias have been taken, our unalienable rights are gone; we are awakening from a long slumber finding ourselves stripped naked to the roaming wolf packs of the bench, bar, banks and brokers of government who live on our flesh and blood, our traditional lives and our property.
Support you local property rights groups as well as Evergreen Freedom Foundation's new Property Rights Center.
Jack Venrick

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