Saturday, August 22, 2009


By Ron Ewart
President, National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues
© Copyright August 21, 2009 - All Rights Reserved

Only on very rare occasions do the American people rise up, as they are doing now. Today, they are grow increasingly outraged over the unconscionable spending of our money, the nationalization of health care, banks and businesses, unwarranted billion-dollar bailouts, irrational cap and trade legislation that threatens to derail our economy, the fraud that is man-caused global warming, amnesty, education, medical and safety-net benefits for illegal aliens, picking winners and losers, edging towards the one-world-order and the unprecedented take over by the federal government of the public "indoctrination" system and the food, land, water and energy production in the United States. It may be one of the largest power grabs by our government in the entire history of America and it is triggering a massive uprising, as well it should.

It has long been believed that there truly is a "silent majority" in America. These are the good folks who want to live their lives independently, responsibly, in the pursuit of their perception of happiness, but with little to no interference from government. As government interference in their lives has multiplied, they find that they can no longer ignore it.
The current national health care debate, that threatens to take over almost every aspect of every citizen's life if the legislation is passed, has been the catalyst for every-day Americans to express their objections to EVERYTHING that government is doing and they are expressing those objections with force and vehemence. So far, the town hall meeting has been the current venue for this outrage, but it is sure to expand to other, even more public venues in the near future. In fact, a massive rally of tens of thousands of concerned Americans is already scheduled in Washington DC for September 12th, 2009. Boston-style tea parties are springing up throughout the land with regularity. No, these are not unruly mobs being directed by high-up operatives in the Republican party, as has been alleged by the left. These are real people with no political stripes, that are concerned about the loss of their freedom and liberty.
Many politicians have been caught off guard and can't understand why the anger is being manifested so aggressively, and worse, so publicly. To say that they are getting an "earful" by otherwise mostly calm, cool and normally inattentive Americans, barely describes the situation.
But opposition to unpopular actions by government can be infectious and millions of Americans are being infected by a new call to patriotism and a return to the principles of freedom, liberty and our constitution, that is uniquely American. Those that speak out and are heard, mirror what millions of other quiet ones strongly believe. If Obama and the rest of the liberal crowd in Washington DC and elsewhere in America, don't back off and soon, the "movement" has all the earmarks of a national, full-fledged peaceful rebellion. It is our firm desire that it stays peaceful.
However, the egos and inflexible, socialist agendas of our current rulers will not be deterred and they will continue on this path to destruction, until it explodes in their faces. And explode it will. No! We don't mean "explode" literally. The window into the minds of the liberal left have been fully exposed for all Americans to see and they are showing little tolerance for it. This was hardly the "change" they had expected from the "Omnipotent One" and his little Chicago elves.
We can only hope that this is not a short-lived flash in the pan event and that all Americans will wake up to their responsibility as the "Consent of the Governed". For if they do not keep up a constant pressure on the inmates that run this asylum, the inmates will keep coming back time after time, as Americans drift back into apathy and inattention.
If the American people do not rise up in a peaceful rebellion now, eventually, the national and international money changers and power brokers will realize their goal of world domination, where national boundaries are blurred, sovereignty is just a word, multiculturalism is the new paradigm, political correctness is mandatory, socialism and a police state is the accepted form of government, mediocrity will be rampant and freedom and liberty will be a long-lost memory in those who once knew freedom, but no longer have a voice, because they will have long-since, died off.
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Do you believe the Constitution is the rule of law? Do you believe in the original intent of our founding fathers? Do you want to reform Congress? If your answer is yes, we have to work together to make this happen.