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Swine flu vaccinations are a matter of personal pro-choice, not government mandate!
Brought to you by Good Neighbor Law Contributing Educators:
John Maulsby DVM, and Taylor H. Haynes M.D.
A personal testimony - from Dr. Taylor H. Haynes, M.D.

The experience that I had with the swine flu vaccine was in the late seventies early eighties.
I will not take the swine flu shot as I've seen it cause Guillain-Barre'. This form of peripheral polyneuritis - characterized by pain and weakness and sometimes paralysis of the limbs, and can severely debilitate and bring fatal neurologic disorder. Patients suffer loss of use of muscles and muscle wasting. When this condition effects the muscles that breathe for us, death occurs.
My advice is to maintain the best health with a balanced diet coupled with exercise and rest.If one gets the flu, bed rest and as much clear liquid fluids as is possible - - is still the best plan...and one I personally follow.
I will be happy to visit with anyone regards this matter.
Thank you,
Taylor H. Haynes M.D.
A study recommended by Dr. John Maulsby, DVM

Swine Flu is NOT the Problem -- It is the Vaccine that May Harm or Kill You Urgent information to protect yourself and your loved ones … get informed before the swine flu vaccine craze comes to your town.

A Good Neighbor Law note: Swine flu vaccination should never become a government mandate. This is a pro-choice matter; for whether you decide to get a swine flu vaccination for yourself or your child should remain as personal as any other medical decision.
To educate and empower people regarding their rights and responsibilities toward their land and neighbors, through accurate information sharing

Thank you Very interesting. I was in Taos camping with a man who years ago got the flu shot and lost feeling in his right side and almost died. My father is an MD and when the flu shot first hit the scene, he wouldn't let us get it!!!!! It is loaded with a host of unknowns and at best, a host of really bad stuff. Does it work? For some yes. Having said that, this swine flu vaccine looks spooky to me. Here we have more government run, moneymaking snake oil. Make no mistake that the pharmaceutical companies and our government are ne'er do well bed-fellows. I would suggest staying healthy, wise and aware. ThanksHugh
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Rec'd note from my friend Jan in WI... this is what she said regarding the Swine Flu vaccinations...
mom's uncle got Guillain Barre from Swine flu shot - I won't be getting one...... and nobody can make me. :) Jan

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