Monday, April 20, 2009


One of our own needs your help and TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!
Many Americans are asking what they can do to arrest our slide into abject socialism and radical environmentalism, with the eventual goal to be under the thumb of the United Nations and the one-world-order, minus our constitution and our sovereignty. You can start by helping one proud American and his wife, who have been terrorized by a district court judge and a local prosecuting attorney for over four years in Pierce County, Washington, who were and still are, out to make an example of him for an alleged environmental code violation, a violation that was manufactured after the fact by the judge and the prosecuting attorney.
His alleged crime was hand digging to clear out a ditch on his property, in an area that was declared a wetland by the court and the prosecuting attorney, well after the landowner was done digging.
For four (4) years, at great expense and emotional stress to he and his wife, this landowner exhausted every possible legal avenue, all the way up to the State Supreme Court, where all of his motions and briefs were summarily ignored, or lost.
But the district court judge and the prosecuting attorney are still hell bent on putting him in jail for this alleged crime, for an additional 90 days, after suffering the indignity of being put in jail for 150 days by the judge for 5, trumped-up contempt of court charges during his trial, requiring a $100,000 cash bond to get out.
His brother went to bat for him and got the landowner out of jail after over 60 days on appeal, with a $20,000 cash bond and a writ of Habeas Corpus from a higher court.
As his last resort, the landowner has now asked for a pardon from the Governor of Washington State and submitted a letter requesting such pardon on April 13, 2009, under state statute.
If the governor does not act and grant the pardon, the landowner will be hauled off to jail again, like a common criminal, for doing on his land what all landowners do to maintain their property. What is so ironic is that many criminals are let out of jail because the state doesn't have the money to incarcerate them and car thief's have to steal a car seven times before they are sent to jail.
If you feel as we do that the landowner should be granted a pardon by the governor, we ask that you do the following:
Contact the governor using at:
"To the Honorable Governor of the State of Washington, Christine Gregoire:
"We are in complete sympathy and agreement of Paul Hiatt's request for a pardon from you, as delineated in his hand-delivered letter dated April 13, 2009.
This man has suffered enough at the hands of an out-of-control judicial system that would punish a property owner on trumped environmental code violations, created after the fact.
What has happened to Mr. Hiatt is not prosecution, it is judicial persecution for a non-crime and is a gross injustice that should not be happening in America. A car thief has to steal a car seven times before a judge would send the thief to jail. We ask that you immediately grant Mr. Hiatt the pardon he deserves and bring this injustice to an end."
It makes no difference where you are located in America.
The more the governor hears from folks outside of Washington, as well as inside, the more the pressure will be on her to grant the pardon.
It must be an outpouring by hundreds of you to make a difference. It will only take you a few minutes.
We ask that you do not let Mr. Hiatt and his wife down.
We ask that you care enough to help another American, who is in dire need of your help and has been the subject of intense persecution by a government and a judicial system that has lost all allegiance to the supreme law of the land, our constitution.
Please act today as time is running out for Mr. Hiatt.
For all of you who do participate, please accept our sincere gratitude and I know the gratitude of Mr. Hiatt and his wife.
To read a trancript of Mr. Hiatt's letter to the governor, please email:
Ron Ewart at:
If you need to more info on Paul Hiatt's case you can find it here:

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