Friday, April 3, 2009


By Lewis Anderson

Check this link - - for a 24-page article on the history of Conservation Easements.
There is some good information about why the States all had to change their laws to accommodate them, because they do violate the Rule Against Perpetuities, which is a Common Law Doctrine.
It is important to understand why those old Dead White Men ever came up with the Rule Against Perpetuities in the first place. They did not want self-absorbed do-gooders ruling the use of land from the grave.
It is becoming more evident all the time that these folks who claim that they 'love the land' so much that they don't want anybody to ever make use of it for the next 10,000 years, are very Narcissistic and mentally unstable.
Of course they want their 'good intentions' to be known by people born a thousand years from now.
I'm still doing some research to more closely tie the C.E. to the U.N. and the folks who think we have about 5 billion too many people living on the Earth. One way to starve them out is to take most of the land out of production.
The C.E. is the most effective way ever invented to stop people from being able to make use of the land.
This article is very good to use if you ever need to argue with anybody about what is wrong with the C.E. It is also very good just to get up to speed on just what they are, when they started, and why the U.N., wacko greenies, and other assorted anti-use people love them so much. They are the favorite method of putting the Wildlands Project into practice. It requires 're-wilding' over half of the U.S. This means getting land out of production and then, later, getting humans off the land.
The C.E. is just the foot in the door. It eliminates real ranchers and other sane people who may want to consider the economic ruin caused by the C.E. The C.E. 'owners' are all in favor of stopping any productive use of the land. Cities and Counties are just about to catch on to the devastation to their economic base (tax base). Lewis A. March 29, 2009

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