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Submitted by Marc Morano

Gore the 1st 'Carbon Billionaire?' - Morano on 'The O'Reilly Factor' - NYT Issues 'Climate Correction' - Stop term 'Global Warming!' - Round Up - May 4, 2009
Video/Transcript: Gore the 1st 'Carbon Billionaire?' - The O'Reilly Factor features Morano - Climate Depot - May 1, 2009
Morano Excerpt: "Al Gore wants to become the first carbon billionaire. And he is poised to do it. [...] As much as Gore's made now, it is going to be piker league compared to what he is going to make in five years if all these new carbon trading mandates go through. [...] He who controls carbon controls life. It is a bureaucrat's dream to control carbon dioxide and Washington is a field of dreams right now." Watch the video of Climate Depot's Executive Editor/Chief Correspondent Marc Morano's May 1, 2009 appearance on "The O'Reilly Factor" on Fox News Channel here or here:
Fox News Did Air Gore's 'Every Penny' Non-Profit Claim - Video Challenges Media Matters Claim - Climate Depot - May 5, 2009
Excerpt: Media Matters for America is claiming that Fox News edited the video clip of Gore's Congressional testimony during a May 1 segment "to remove his statements that he donates the money he makes from his climate-related work to a non-profit organization." But Fox News did air the clip earlier in the program of Gore claiming that "every penny" he earns goes to his non-profit. See this video clip of The O'Reilly Factor's May 1, 2009 show introduction featuring Gore making the "every penny" statement. (Gore clip begins at 30 sec. mark) In addition, as one report on Gore's finances noted: "So what if [Gore's] giving all his money to the [non-profit] Alliance for Climate Protection. He's the chair! He gets a tax write-off for donating that money, and then directs where the money goes." See Background/Related Links section below for more details.
NYT and Reporter Revkin Issue 'Correction' - Admit 'Error' in Front Page Global Warming Article Touted By Gore! - Climate Depot - May 2, 2009
Excerpt: The New York Times has issued a "climate correction" for an "error" in its April 24, 2009 (posted online April 23) high profile front page global warming article that was touted by former Vice President Al Gore during his Congressional testimony as evidence that industry was clouding the science of climate change. [ See: Gore Mouthing-Off About Make-Believe Madoffs & NYT Corrects Article Gore Cited in Congressional Testimony] [.] As Climate Depot exclusively reported, Revkin's article came under immediate fire from scientists and others who called into question the central claims and the accuracy of the story. [.] Australian Paleoclimate researcher Dr. Robert M. "Bob" Carter was the first to dismiss the NYT's Revkin article as "strange, silly even." [.] UK's Lord Christopher Monckton was even more outraged and accused the New York Times and Revkin of "deliberate misrepresentation" in climate article and of writing a "mendacious article."
NYT reveals enviro strategies: Stop use of term global warming - It 'turns people off - fostering images of shaggy-haired liberals' - May 1, 2009
Excerpt: 'Don't confuse people with cap and trade; use terms like cap and cash back or pollution reduction refund'
UN Warns: Climate change has 'affected physical growth and educational status of many children' - May 2, 2009
Excerpt: The lives of women and children are particularly being affected by the growing problem of climate change, a United Nations official has warned. Deputy Resident Representative of the United Nations' Develop-ment Programme (UNDP), Akiko Fujii, has stressed that changes in weather patterns have affected the physical growth and educational status of many children. "Climate change can have quite a huge impact on all aspects of human development. Climate change affects the entire world, whatever you do in Jamaica can affect the world, because we are living in the same planet," Fujii told the Jamaica Information Service.

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