Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How Now Brown Cow

When a farmer's business fails, even for reasons not of his doing, he readies his home and assets for sale; praying that after paying the imposed tax and debts he'll have enough left to sustain his family until finding a new job and small home in town.
Why shouldn't the same be expected of these companies and their CEO's?
These private corporations must use the federal government as their model; for they knowingly raise monies using hot air as their product.
Years ago I asked stock brokers and SEC officials, "How do you do paper money deals? Isn’t that building a house of cards?" Their answer? "You’re naive."
Like Bill Clinton, they love daring the burn while playing close to flames.
This time, let’s not call the fire department. Let their vehicle go up in smoke!
Liaisons between Hank Paulson, Nature Conservancy and federal government pose direct and dangerous risks to our national security. The gate should of been shut before they got out.
Paulson is obviously one of many front persons for the "socialistic takeover of America’s land and water.
There’s not a resource provider in America, who hasn’t been subjected to socialistic takeover attempts.. But after working 28 hour days to bring you (regardless your ethnicity, religious belief, social economic level, gender, age, political affiliation) fresh, locally grown produce and other essential goods, they don’t have time to clean up and drive miles into town to stop the well executed plans that march against them.
Some bombs takeover artists continue launching at America’s resource providers include: Personal denigrations - i.e. hitting below the belt; filing "stop plowing that field" type lawsuits while they "look" for phantom mice or allegedly noxious weeds; litter privately owned land with prairie rats, feral horses and wolves; conservation easements; more vistas and fallow land; portend need for expanded military maneuver sites (For whose military? The Nature Conservancy’s?).
Country takeover 101? Take away a country’s ability to feed itself.
They continue to dazzle American’s with their glib, "The sky's the limit for what I personally am going to gift you. Hate anyone who gets in our way. Those are your marching orders!"
Paulson should be fired; any elected official who's likewise involved should be voted OUT!
Senator McCain should follow Gov. Palin's example; keep working south then east across the United States and blow the whole rotten, corrupt bunch to smithereens! Regardless their party!
Any entity that deliberately (Trust me. The Wall St. debacle was deliberately generated. A front runner to a massive takeover.) puts our nation in such a horrific state of vulnerability, deserves to be put out alone, high on a hill, left to ask their only remaining food and transportation, "How now brown cow."

Roni Bell

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